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Equal Protection of the Law

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  • The really sad part is that I am completely unsurprised by this. My expectations of my government have fallen so low that I actually expect them not to follow the law whenever it's politically inconvenient.
    • by Shakrai ( 717556 ) *

      I don't see why enforcing the law against voter intimation would be "politically inconvenient".

      God help the person that ever tries to pull this crap while I'm working at the polls. As an elections inspector in New York State I'm empowered to order the Sheriff to arrest you if you attempt to interfere with the running of the polls. I've never had to resort to such a thing but I wouldn't hesitate to do it if somebody was trying to intimidate my voters. I'm not sure how PA's elections law works but I can'

      • I don't see why enforcing the law against voter intimidation would be "politically inconvenient".

        It's politically inconvenient if your political axioms include the notion that blacks are downtrodden by the evil white man. Prosecuting such intimidation would require you to admit that maybe the world isn't as simple as you like to paint it, and might even be used by political opponents to stop your efforts to "fix" the world.

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