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Journal symbolset's Journal: Apple's Market Cap is halfway to the top 1

Years ago I started posting about the incredible growth of Apple's Market capitalization. This spring they passed Microsoft in market capitalization to become the second highest publicly held US company by market capitalization, after Exxon Mobile. With the ebb and flow of various market issues they swelled to 15% more, and shrank to parity again, before charging ahead again with a vengeance.

Today Apple split the difference. Apple is as many dollars ahead of Microsoft as they are behind Exxon Mobile today. If the trend of the past few years continues then soon, perhaps as soon as next year, they will probably bridge the gap and become the largest.

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Apple's Market Cap is halfway to the top

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  • So when is Apple going to buy a bank and start issuing their own currency? $100,000,000 is all it takes. Canadian Tire did this a couple of decades ago for other reasons (they wanted a bigger chunk of the US credit card market), but it has the side effect of Canadian Tire money actually being backed by a US bank - eBay now lists it, along with US dollars, as a valid means of payment, and the bank will exchange them for US greenbacks.

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