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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Whitelist at local organization

Continuing the support of a local organization's computers, we're implementing a whitelist. The office itself uses B-Secure. But an open computer implements a whitelist which is desired by the users as well.

IE was blocked following what the last guy did, by setting up a bogus proxy.

I installed Firefox and started using ProCon Latte. It does the job mostly, but, it's per user (perhaps i installed it wrong?), if a whitelist is used a blacklist cannot also be used (to block out some aspects of an allowed site), and the list has no order.

To implement a blacklist to remove some specific pages i installed some filter (i don't remember offhand, i'm guessing it was FoxFilter).

Google is blocked, but can be gotten to via which is allowed. That was fine until Google added the sidebar. Images and videos can be quite inappropriate and needs to be blocked. But because of the way google shows the images, adblock seems ineffective. Gmail is also allowed and uses for login, so itself cannot be blocked.

To block the sidebar, i installed greasemoney and a script i found online. That worked for a bit until the links showed up on top of the google page as well.

Currently, there's over 100 sites allowed, and there is an approval process in place to allow more, as required. People who might not use the Internet otherwise are ok with this computer, so there's positive progress being made.

There's mainly one user on the computer. But there are three others as well. One for kids to play games (no Internet access allowed), one for a another person with more applications, and one for the admin. I wanted to remove the kid's login, but that's a no go as it's for the office admins kids. It's workable though.

I can block all image from google via Firefox itself. But that removes even the google logo itself, which is not a desirable option.

I'd really like a better more manageable solution. The ideal solution would work for all users, allows both a whitelist and a blacklist simultaneously, organize the list (alphabetically or the like), handles the bookmarks as well (otherwise each site must be managed in two places), and handles google's images.

I'm neither for nor against this form of filtering. I do, however, want to help them reach their goal.

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Chronicle: Whitelist at local organization

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