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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Options for new toner. 2

My Printer, an HP LaserJet P1006 is low on toner. Pages are coming up partially blank, or at least close to it, and the driver issued the warning. The replacement cartridge is CB435A.

Replace toner with a chip, is just under $20, a knock-off cartridge is slightly more. The few comments i have read say the knockoffs are never perfect.

HP has one at $67.99 or two at 121.99.

Amazon has the Dual Pack at $108.30 (it was $106.18 moments ago, reloading that tab also shows the new price), which has a $15 credit toward a next Amazon purchase. I use Amazon often enough to consider that a real $15. This means it's 2 at $93.30, or $46.65 each.

The Amazon price would be approximately twice the knock-off price, and i would have to buy two, which i don't go through too often.

Ebay has a few listed for about $53 with free shipping.

Buying the two pack on Amazon and selling the second on Ebay, sounds interesting. Assuming shipping is $4.90 though, (My cartridge weighs 18.25 ounces. Parcel Post prices for not-over-two-pounds to zones 1 and 2 is $4.90) making the total $51.55, leaving a dollar or two profit. Considering ebay's final value fees of 9%, however, makes it non-profitable even before ebay's listing fees and ebay's paypal fees.

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Verbiage: Options for new toner.

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  • I have an old LJ1200, that the toner went bad on last year and I had to get a new cartridge for. I don't know how much you print, but mine start leaving spots all over the page before I can use up all toner in 'em. I believe that original cartridge was at least 3 years old, so even at the full price you listed for one your printer takes, that's less than $2/month. Compared to a mortgage payment (which I have) or a car payment (which I don't) or a large cable bill (which I have (it includes broadband)) or a

    • by Chacham ( 981 )

      Good point.

      I make it my business to be careful when spending. This trains me overall. In the end, i will pay what i have to.

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