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Journal countertrolling's Journal: You people are out of control

"Jack N. Gerard, president of the American Petroleum Institute, warns that any cut in subsidies will cost jobs."

I guess the most frustrating part of all this is not the apparent "cowardice" of the politicians, but the real cowardice/corruption(in the case of the Palinites) of the public as BP continues to stonewall and Obama stands by awaiting further orders. The WTC attack was more successful getting you to surrender everything to the state than anyone could ever imagine. Mission Accomplished! You are pitiful. You get smashed on the 4th(which is totally cool), but completely diss its significance. You pay lip service to the Declaration of Independence when you may as well burn the damn thing. After all, it was written by a bunch of damn terrorists... And anybody who dares to take it seriously today or writes a similar document will be sent to Guantanamo

No filming allowed. You WILL be arrested

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You people are out of control

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