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Journal daemonburrito's Journal: BP's New Media Campaign

A media campaign by BP's new public relations team has been launched. The team now includes former Bush Chief of Staff Josh Bolten and former Cheney Press Secretary Anne Womack-Kolton.

Behold: Obama hates British people.

I would predict that this effort is so obviously cynical as to be doomed to failure, but I'm nearly always wrong about such things. It'll probably be very effective.

To give credit where credit is due, the Tory press in the U.K. was making noise as early as 2010-05-20, but it didn't immediately catch on stateside. As the Bush-Cheney spinmasters began their work, this story quickly spread to U.S. media sycophants. And then it's just a short hop from the echo chamber to "real news".

More links:

I hope it amuses somebody else that the right, who once complained about bows and speaking to Muslims, will now be righteously resisting jingoism.

Thought for the day: the oil majors are more powerful than any single nation-state, and have been since the early 20th century. See also Operation Ajax. Oh look, there's an edit war on that article... We're doomed.

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BP's New Media Campaign

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