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Journal Degrees's Journal: Undercover operations 2

I migrated yet another GroupWise post office from NetWare to SuSE Linux this evening. However, I had undercover help.

The data on the NetWare volume was 65 GB. So we made the ext3 volume 100 GB. Did the initial copy, and had 1% free disk space left. Dang NetWare compressed volumes....

Time to expand the LUN for the new server. The destination box is a Xen VM guest. I'm shady on the details, but after the LUN was altered on the host VM, the entire blade has to be rebooted to see the new space. The admin who was going to take care of it, was going to do it early in this morning, as he normally shows up at 6:00 AM. About midnight, he wakes up: "Oh heck! I'm scheduled to come in late tomorrow!"

Still in bed, he grabs his BlackBerry and establishes a SSH connection to the host VM. Resizes the LUN from the command line and then reboots everything. All is well for me to get the job done tonight (which I did, and it went well).

I did say "undercover" did I not? ;-)

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Undercover operations

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  • I much prefer adding a new LUN to a disk group and then expanding the volume to span the LUNs rather than expanding a LUN.

    This weekend I am moving a Perforce system from one data center to another, 10 TB data in total. Storage-to-storage replication is cool.

    • by Degrees ( 220395 )

      That may be what he did; I don't know. In my old NetWare days, I disliked adding another disk spindle because it adds to the brittleness. But with a SAN, I suppose there is so much redundancy built in that the likelihood of failure is near zero.

      We are putting in a new SAN now, and that sort of replication is supposed to be something we can do. However all I hear from the guys involved with the project is a lot of angst that we picked the wrong vendor. There have been a TON of "oh by the way"'s that mak

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