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Journal h00manist's Journal: Why run Linux on a desktop? 1

People keep bringing me new computers with Linux preinstalled, and asking me to install Windows. It breaks my heart, but it's not my computer, and I know Linux is tough for a desktop user. Thinking of it, indeed, what could motivate a typical user to keep Linux on his desktop? Most desktop users want web browsing (ok apart from ActiveX), MSN messenger (sort of OK linux, but not all the features), games (terrible on linux), MP3 stuff (quite Ok)

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Why run Linux on a desktop?

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  • You may know me from such rants as "Why do they keep calling it Desktop Linux" and "My Grandma died because of a feature removed from Gnome".

    But seriously, if the distro has "Linux" anywhere in the name or short description then I say forget it. People do not buy cars for a particular transmission system while leaving the rest of the car's details to chance.

    People do not understand "Linux" any more than they care that XNU is inside of OS X. So this whole "which desktop Linux distro will make Linux popular"

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