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Journal Orion Blastar's Journal: Proof of Neo-Nazis in the world?

This blog is subject to Poe's Law, Godwin's Law, and many other humor devices like deadpan, dadaism, etc. Our lawyers advice you the reader not to read it, or else you wave all legal rights to sue or file criminal charges against the writer and all people involved in writing this. This applies to copy and paste skills, web robots, lawyers, pets, real robots, and any other thing that can read, copy, or scan for you or anyone else on the planet. This legal contract is good and open sourced and applies to everything the writer ever wrote or will write for as long as the world civilization still stands and the civilizations after that one as well. Read at your own risk, you were warned!

[quote="Neo-Nazi student"]You didn't expect me to read all your tripe I hope? americans are the morons of the planet when ti comes to their fear of socialism. They rather let tens of millions of their own species die needlessly and suffer needlessly than to adopt some form of public saftety net.

And the semar campaigns oveer this plan is typical for the filth that is american politics. Just lies and playing on the fear of socialism. And like you, even Hitler comparions.

Yeah we see that in the news here. Pittiful people, americans. Really pittiful and loathsome.[/quote]

First you motherfracker, you just broke our contract to leave each other alone, so now expect to get called on your bullcrap because I refuse to tolerate it anymore. I gave you dozens of fair warnings on this in the past and have been too nice and compassionate about it and let you walk all over me. But the line is drawn here and it ends right now! So here goes.....

But not as big of morons as the Europeans, or Canadians, eh? :roll:

Sure massive socialist programs so people stop learning from the consequences of their bad actions, bad behavior, and bad decisions and stop becoming smart and start becoming morons dependent on the government to do stuff like wipe their butt for them. :lol: National Socialism, Communism, Socialism, and the like have always failed in history or murdered millions of people. Welfare Capitalism, Compassionate Capitalism, is much better and does not ruin economies or murder people, but nobody wants to try them yet. Instead you Neo-Nazis paint Capitalism as the enemy and the banks as the enemy as part of that New World Order, when really you are all part of the Fourth Reich of Nazi Germany and the EU in an effort to take over the world via National Socialism and your National Socialist programs you force down everyone's throats. :twisted:

Socialism also ruins economies:

How is that recession turning into a depression working out for you this person? Ah but you have such big socialism programs that help people out but ruin the economy in the process, eh? :shock:

Now what you got in the EU and Holland or The Netherlands is National Socialism which never works, ruined economies, and oppresses people. Hitler oppressed the Jewish people and blamed them and the Neo-Nazis in the EU like you this person blame the Muslims, Christians, and other religious people and oppress them. Forth Reich Neo-Nazis are Atheists, Agnostics, and Secular Humanists in modern times and blame religion for all the problems in the world like Richard Dawkins and his "God Dellusion" clearly does. Now there are good Secular Humanists, Atheists, Agnostics, etc out there and I hope and suggest that they fight the fake ones who are really Neo-Nazis pretending to be real ones.

Most US Socialism programs are Communist programs and thus ruin our economy, but now these new bills are National Socialism and once again the Muslim, Christian, and other religious people will get the blame by the Neo-Nazis once again.

By disagreeing with me, and calling my posts as tripe, you admit freely to your Neo-Nazi roots, this person. If not then please apologize and say I am correct and this is true, and then you can be a freedom fighter like me and help fight these Neo-Nazis. You copied many of Adolf Hitler's ideas in his writiings and even said you wanted a copy of his book "Mine Kampf" for your collection, and you admire his artwork person/Personal/hobbypersonal/art.htm on your web page, which is evidence of your Neo-Nazi roots and Neo-Nazi roots in the EU government. Now if I am wrong in my assumptions, please tell me where I am wrong. You plagerized most of Hitler's works in your Internet writings and submitted your ideas to that Socialism web site you cited which I said was full of National Socialism ideas and other Hitler stuff. Clearly the Fourth Reich is something you and the rest of the EU and people are a part of this person in this New Age Neo-Nazi movement.
This is Neo-Nazi propaganda this person contributed towards: Proof of this is they use nationalized finance which is a key part of National Socialism. They try to use the communist hammer and sickle to fool you but it is a Neo-Nazi web site, I am not fooled and it is mostly Hitler's ideas and National Socialism from the 1930's and his book plagiarized and rewritten for modern times. "Mine Kampf 2.0" I call it. :twisted:

Now this person I am speaking to, all you have to do to prove you are not a Neo-Nazi is explain to the public what the difference between your idea of National Socialism and Hitler's idea of National Socialism differ. Then denounce the Neo-Nazis and fight them as I am currently doing by exposing them as frauds and propagandists who use the Internet web sites, conspiracy theories, and other stuff as propaganda for help manipulate, brainwash, and trick people into joining their Fourth Reich. Clearly they tricked you, but they cannot trick me. :twisted:

I doubt Joe is a part of this, as he never sang Hitler's praises as well as you have this person. :twisted:

If I am wrong then this person has been a dupe of the Neo-Nazis all this time and never figured it out until now. The EU public school and college system recycles Hitler's ideas in their courses and consider themselves to be superior and everyone else as inferior which is classic Hitler type thinking and Neo-Nazism in its prime as a classic example of that. If not National Socialism something very close to it, and just as dangerous that Alex Jones , Michael Moore , Nancy Pelosi , Herry Reed , Richard Dawkins , Al Gore , Maurice Strong , and others are promoting to take away our rights, freedoms, and liberties with a false democracy that is nothing like democracy and everything like a totalitarian dictatorship ruled by the elite class of Neo-Nazi like supermen or ubermench or whatever. I want no part of such Fourth Reich and denounce them and fight them. They are using Obama as a dupe and puppet and forced him to support this Neo-Nazi crap which should be vetoed. Clearly they hate Obama and wanted Hillary Clinton to have won instead because she is not as hard to force into this stuff as Obama currently is apparently. They use conspiracy theories like global warming, peak oil, New World Order, US government behind 9/11 and other nonsense to brainwash, trick, fool, and manipulate people for their formation of their own Forth Reich. They are racists and the only civil liberties they support are that of their own superior race they claim to be forming to form the Forth Reich with.

I freely admit I am imperfect and flawed and a normal human being with physical and mental illnesses that they want to ban, anonymize, wipe out, censor, troll, harass, cyberbully, and make me quit talking about them or out against them. If they get their way people like me will be rounded up into concentration camps and murdered in a New Age Holocaust. The elderly, the sick, the mentally ill, the religious, the homosexuals, the people who oppose this new Neo-Nazi movement, and anyone who refuses to join the new Forth Reich. Help me and other pirates, ninjas, and the other freedom fighters oppose the Ghost of Hitler and his Forth Reich movement.

BTW this has been an Andy Kaufman type happening! :P

The guy wrote back to me this statement:

[quote="national socialist student"]
I know american are terrified of national socialism. That is why senators in the usa now get death threats. Great democracy. Depiction sof senators with cross hairs on their faces.

Now you tell me who the nazi's are.

I do not want to discuss this anymore and if you want to write posts with 10 useles links, don't bother. I am not gonna read it because usually it is just nonsense.

So shut the fuck up?


Thank you![/quote]

Our founding fathers wrote "Tyranny is when the people fear the government. Freedom and Democracy is when the government fears the people." I do not support any violent action or behavior. I hold people accountable and want answers to these questions. I am non-violent and want to reform our government, economy, and way of life, not destroy it as you want to and many politicians want to do.

No I will never give in to your censorship and will practice my freedom of speech that you seem to hate so much. I will never STFU, you Neo-Nazi turd!

[quote="Neo-Nazi in The Netherlands"]
I know american are stupid leik you and your mental ilness make you this way. The new world order run by Jewish bankers and Muslim clerics and Christians try to fool us, but we are smarted. Our national socialsim programs are the best in the world and we are working on our own master race.

You are a mentle case, a clear thought criminal like all american our dutch professors taught us that you would use lies and smares and nonsense to try and confuse us, but we dutch and europeans are a superior ayran race to you mongrals and inferior people and we will raise a new army to prove it and wipe you all out so that our national socialism reigns supreme!

You will all suffer for this, nobdy makes fun of eurpoean national socialism, nobody you big fat wanker!

Clearly the number of logical fallacies, spelling mistakes, bad grammar examples in his response are too high in number to reply to and get back to him, Obviously I made this Neo-Nazi mad yet again. I guess I'd better just lay off for a while and let him calm down before he finds me and throws me in one of those concentration camps? :lol:

The Neo-Nazis while they appear clever and nice at first, are a tricky bunch to deal with. Never taking responsibility for their own words, actions, and behaviors and always blaming others for them. They disguise themselves as liberal politicians and the like and even claim to be for civil rights, but follow the money trail to lobbyists and campaign contributors and you will learn the truth about them.

You will know them when they finally stab us all in the back.

Now they can use logical fallacies against us, use racist words, use swear words, heck even write books, plays, movies, and the like to try to fool, trick, manipulate, and brainwash the masses via the propaganda engine of the Internet and RIAA/MPAA, Hollywood, and the like. But really smart people call them on their bullcrap like me and many others.

They may take away or jobs, force us into disability or to become homeless, they may use politics to try and destroy us and do character assassinations on us and even blame us for everything they are responsible for, but they shall never take away our freedoms, liberties, and rights, as long as there are more of us than there are of them. We shall fight them on the Internet, in coffee houses, in the public, and even when they invade our houses in the middle of the night to force us into concentration camps, but they shall never win as long as some people are alive to face them and fight to restore the rest of our freedoms, rights, and liberties!

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Proof of Neo-Nazis in the world?

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