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Journal BWJones's Journal: Shot Show coverage 2

I flew down to Las Vegas to do some work that I'll talk about here later. But while I was in town, I took two days to document Media Day and Shot Show 2010 for a number of sources including Wired, The Firearm Blog and other resources. There was some interesting new technology including a new pistol from Armatix that uses RF signals to disable the sidearm if it is too far from the wristwatch the accompanies it. Also new ballistics computers that are mounted on rifles are discussed.

New JonesBlog update(s). Shot Show 2010 Media Day

Shot Show 2010. The Actual Shot Show

and a little after party. AAC Big Bang Party

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Shot Show coverage

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  • It's been a while since you've posted here, and I'm glad to see another great post. A few comments on some of the pics:

    1. Didn't I see this one [] in a mythbusters episode? Shooting fish in a barrel! [] (Minigun in operation about 1 minute and 2.5 minutes in.)

    2. I would love to see what this [] looks like through the scope.

    Have you ever gone to that place in Vegas which lets you try out various weapons (such as Barrett .50 cal, etc.) in their range? I'm curious to know if it's a decent experience.

    • by BWJones ( 18351 ) *

      Yeah, you can mount the Dillon on a variety of platforms. Cool episode of Mythbusters.

      The Sig 716 was interesting. The night vision equipment was pretty decent, but the new stuff from Knights was amazing.

      I've never been to that range in Vegas that you are talking about. Only been to the Shot Show Media day event and the Air Force range there.

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