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Journal KshGoddess's Journal: Mumble mumble something. 3

This week has kinda sucked for me sleepwise. I was up until 2pm on Sunday and Monday, as we were looking for places to rent and moving into the one we liked. For normal sleepers, this is staying up from 6am one day until 4am the next day. Two days in a row. I got maybe 8 hours sleep between the two days (or I guess three days, if you want to look at it that way).


We got a cute place in Sedalia, CO. It's on a guy's HUUUGE tract of land (he has a polo field on it. and the horses to go with that.) and is a small house, but we've met our neighbors, well.. one of them. She's a spinner and a weaver (which is cool), and she and her husband have 4 rather large dogs. Nulla played a little with them, but she's not allowed off her little cable because, well, she's a shiba. Shibas are notorious for deciding to run and run and run and laugh at you when you call them. She zipped out the door when we were staying with a friend and into the busy road (2 lanes each way with a median) -- Wadsworth around 470 for those of you in/near denver.

We spent Monday digging through boxes looking for the &^#*@ remote to the bed -- It's a sleep number bed, which we've had absolutely zero issues with, which seems to be the exception, as I've seen many many bad reviews online. Our stuff is in storage in the springs, which makes it kind of irritating to get our stuff, but whatever. We won't be taking a whole lot out of storage, as the house is only about 700-ish square feet, but we got Benny's big chair, and the bed, and the dining room table. We picked up a few boxes of kitchen stuff, but this'll be one of those long drawn out things where we pick things up piecemeal. There's not going to be much time to set up housekeeping this week, since I'm working and then we're headed down to the ranch to build skeinwinders on Sunday. It'll be interesting to see if Ben installs the shower before we leave... the landlord bought the shower and is paying Ben to install it, but we'll definitely benefit from that, since what's in the bathroom now is a claw-foot tub with a shower sprayer (and no shower curtain) which makes a HUGE mess. We've been un-synchronized sleepwise because of the moving and the going-to-home-depot-with-the-landlord, and will probably stay un-synched for another week or so while he does things like get firewood from the guy down the road, and working at the ranch. It sucks, but you do what you can.

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Mumble mumble something.

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  • Or at least a fireplace ... I'm assuming the "going to get wood from the guy down the road" was about that ...

    Moving is the pits. It takes about a year to find just the right place for everything, so I guess in a way it's better to unpack slowly, though unpacking isn't fun - especially when you go for the box you just *know* has what you're looking for in it, and "oops, it's not in that box after all ..."

  • A well designed ~700 sqft living space can seem huge, I was in a 750sqft condo for awhile that fit a full three piece leather sofa set with room to spare. Loved the layout of that place. :)

    To fit stuff in, just throw out everything you haven't used in a year! Seriously! And by throw out I mean donate to an appropriate charity of course! :)

    Every time I move I do this, works wonderfully! Of course in 4 years I have moved 3 times, so my throw out dates always lie right around my move day. ;)

    • Yeah, we're kind of doing that in stages. We've had everything in storage for 6 months or so, so getting the sofa out and getting out what we need to continue to work are our first priorities.

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