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Journal budgenator's Journal: New perl to the Biosphere

After decades of slowly increasing temperature and increasing CO2, our planet has responded by increasing its Net Primary Production, NPP by 6% (3.4 petagrams of carbon over 18 years, 42% of that increase occured in the Amazon river basin. This increase has been measured by NASA with the SeaWiFS instrument aboard the Seastar satellite . Now our planet is as lush as it has ever been since the end of the medieval warm period. All this could change, it appears that the planet may have stopped warming for the last decade, the PDO is either changing into a cool phase or very due to which could easily start a cooling trend. If that happens, the biosphere could take a serious hit as the planet cools and the cooler oceans absorbs atmospheric CO2.
Even now in Florida Iguanas are falling out of the trees, stunned by the cold and Manatees are huddling around power plant discharges for warmth, In the shallow ocean reefs of the Florida Keys the devastation to the coral is worse than it was in 1977 when it snowed in Miami and the first coral species made it's way to the federal endangered species list.

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New perl to the Biosphere

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