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Journal Chris.Jee.Pander's Journal: Hello, EveryBody! 1

Hi! I am Christofer Jee "sludge" Pander. I have a degree in journalism from BIOLA University. I am the proud owner of a schrammie, for my original song, "Swinging Dick Cheney, You Ruined My Birthday". My hobbies include hanging out on "Sound Politics", where I troll the few liberals stupid enough to read the postings, and I call people "Liar", and respond to their posts with pithy bon-mots like "False", and I do a little music. Look for me under my handle on Sound_Politics, "fudge_pucker".

Anyway, I heard such kewl things about this website, that I thought I would mosey on over (hee hee)! So, please excuse me if I act like an idiot, because I am only learning. I will change in time!

Love to you all,


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Hello, EveryBody!

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  • by zogger ( 617870 )

    Why are you doing a parody troll account? Why not just post some interesting stuff instead? If you have a beef with pudge, just stop reading his stuff, that's all you need to do. Just give it up, all you'll wind up doing is annoying yourself and wasting time.

    I get by here with one account, and don't troll people, it just isn't necessary. People who I think really have no valuable input, who really never have anything good to say about anything, pfft, just ignored. I don't have to feud with them or squabble

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