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Journal Chris.Jee.Pander's Journal: Hello, EveryBody! 1

Hi! I am Christofer Jee "sludge" Pander. I have a degree in journalism from BIOLA University. I am the proud owner of a schrammie, for my original song, "Swinging Dick Cheney, You Ruined My Birthday". My hobbies include hanging out on "Sound Politics", where I troll the few liberals stupid enough to read the postings, and I call people "Liar", and respond to their posts with pithy bon-mots like "False", and I do a little music. Look for me under my handle on Sound_Politics, "fudge_pucker".

Anyway, I heard such kewl things about this website, that I thought I would mosey on over (hee hee)! So, please excuse me if I act like an idiot, because I am only learning. I will change in time!

Love to you all,


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Hello, EveryBody!

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  • by zogger ( 617870 )

    Why are you doing a parody troll account? Why not just post some interesting stuff instead? If you have a beef with pudge, just stop reading his stuff, that's all you need to do. Just give it up, all you'll wind up doing is annoying yourself and wasting time.

    I get by here with one account, and don't troll people, it just isn't necessary. People who I think really have no valuable input, who really never have anything good to say about anything, pfft, just ignored. I don't have to feud with them or squabble

This is the theory that Jack built. This is the flaw that lay in the theory that Jack built. This is the palpable verbal haze that hid the flaw that lay in...