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The Courts

Journal visible.frylock's Journal: Federal judges order California to release 43,000 inmates 1,0,4339337,full.story

That just about says it all, I don't have too much to add.

Normally, I don't really give much weight to judges ruling in favor of the comfort of prisons, but those rows of beds look a little too Mao-ish for me.

Completely OT:
JHC, /. needs bbcode or something. Just because I want to put links (I know, high tech stuff right?) into a post, doesn't mean I want to go to the trouble of manually separating paragraphs with <p> or <br/>. Apparently it works differently for writing journals than for writing comments.
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Federal judges order California to release 43,000 inmates

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  • Step#1-Deal with gangstah culture once and be done with it. Deport all the illegal aliens being held, and start enforcing the new illegals arrivals according to the law, which clearly says "no".. If they come back, and get caught again, they get put in work camps taking care of the parks and so on for around 5 years.(seems I was reading recently Cal had to close a lot of parks because of money problems. that should help make the parks cheaper to maintain. Same with the schools, there's no ethics to forcing

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