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Journal e8johan's Journal: Gt will need a moc

After thinking alot about how to manage signals and slots in Gt I have decided to redo the project, but in a more Qt-like way.

The following issues have come up:

  • A moc makes things easier and better looking.
  • A moc can easily be implemented in Perl.
  • A moc makes it easier to wrap GTK into Gt.

I intend to write a moc-like tool (with support for signals and slots) producing code with the same functionality as Qt's moc. This moc will be freely available and GPL'ed without any restrictions on the resulting files.

The moc will be easy to build if the following conditions are met:

  • One mocable class per file.
  • Nice types, i.e. the same restrictions as in Qt's moc.

I wonder if there are any legal risks in doing this. Trolltech might be pissed... :)

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Gt will need a moc

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