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Journal twitter's Journal: M$ Employee Admits M$'s Poor Security Reputation. 3

Roger Grimes makes this startling admission of public perception:

Youll often read similar recommendations to dump Microsofts Internet Explorer (I work full-time for Microsoft) and use any other browser instead. To completely protect yourself, theyll advise moving off of Microsoft Windows all together.

He goes on to make some long winded excuses and insult users in a way that's completely torn apart in the comments. His readers sanely point out that Window's endless problems have been well demonstrated. What's interesting about this article is not the same old blame the user and "popularity" excuses, it's that M$ is no longer able to pretend to the general public that "computer experts" still trust Windows. They don't and neither does anyone else any more.

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M$ Employee Admits M$'s Poor Security Reputation.

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  • Sometimes I wonder what they're trying to achieve with nonsense like this. All this self-contradicting bullshit doesn't want to make me move to Windows.

    I love that he gets owned in the comments section. Doesn't he have any fans ?:)

  • He was just commenting on repuation. Admission of poor security repuation does not mean admission of poor security.

    Even when the latter eventually happens its not news. Microsoft always eventually says their last product is crap and insecure to hype people up for the next one. It's the "we got it right this time" strategy and it's pretty effective marketing.

    Oh and if you RTFA you will find its pretty much about this guy pointing the finger going "there just as bad as us"

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