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Journal peacefinder's Journal: Feature request: Message notice 7

Could we get the new message notification put back on the front page, please?

That notification is - well, was - a major value-add to induce me to look at the front page. Removing the notification has lowered the value of the front page below my tipping point, and now I'm not likely to bother with it.


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Feature request: Message notice

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  • The latest JEs are listed on the frontpage, there just listed in a new slashbox that has your username in it. I just stumbled upon it this morning myself and was going to write a JE about it but haven't had time yet.
    • I don't see a slashbox with my username. There is a "User Space" slashbox, but that one has been there for a while. I'm assuming that I could put some links there if I wanted to.

      • For me there is a box on the top right of slashboxes that lists journal entries. Sometimes it has my username int he top, sometimes that piece is cut off by banner ads. underneath it is a list of the five most recent journal entries of my friends, with a link indicating how many more journal entries there are. When I click on that it takes me to the messages page. It also lists my Karma at the bottom.

        I don't know that I changed anything, I thought that that little box was always there. I'll have to
    • Uhhh... [checks]... not for me. I don't get the default set of slashboxen, though.

      • I replied to johndiii above, but pretty much its a box towards the top right that lists friend's JEs. At least for me. It works under both FF3 and IE *shudder* 6
  • it belongs there
  • It was far better to click on one link and get all the new messages. Now I click on a link and can see five messages.

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