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Journal krow's Journal: Interesting note on IO 12

VA 4450 chokes on 47 inserts per second while a 22XX was able to due 78 last night in testing without issue.

My cheap ass dual proc tyan board can do 112 on IDE drives (I was trying to stress it or the 22xx, I just wanted to see if it was better).

The 4 proc Intel motherboard inside of the 4450 sucks ass for IO.

Right now Slashdot has four of these (one is on loan). One is just dedicated as a search box. I leave one as a writer and use two as readers (BTW if you notice page glitches with out of date data this is the issue, I doubt we have hunted down all of the bugs in having writers and readers at the moment).

Want to bet a bunch of cheap dual proc/2gig boxes would blow away the 4450's (aka 4 proc/4gig boxes)?

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Interesting note on IO

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  • So how are you benchmarking the writes/second?

    And does the amount of data, per write to the db, affect how many it can do per second, or is it instead a table/row lock issue?

  • Sure, I'll wager one Dollar on the 2gb systems, or whatever. Probably a sucker bet, but its only a buck! You would figure that IO on a quad box would have to deal with more complex schedular tasks that would get in the way of fast IO. Not to mention the weird affect where large memory systems have to have more complex and agressive VM systems. Put it all together and I would always wager that a 2Gb system would out perform a 4gb system, especially with less processors.
  • 'can do 112 on IDE drive'

    damn, mine does 15 on IDE :-(

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