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Journal timothy's Journal: Nokia 810 -- the cheaper it gets, the more tempting

One of my favorite things from this year's CES is a low-end handheld device aimed basically at teenagers (but I'm mostly a teenager in my overall lifestyle, by some measures) called the Movit, from a company called Giinii.

It's a nice size, supposed to have a long battery life, runs Android, has bluetooth, Skype and a browser. The handwriting recognition didn't work very well for me in the few minutes I played with it, but I've never yet met a device that really likes my handwriting. (Graffiti on my Visor* wasn't so bad, though.) "I'd like to have one of these!" I thought. Even if it's just as a Skype phone -- which seems reason enough.

However: a) it's not out yet and b) though it's made to specifically work with certain obvious sites (facebook, google), the browser seems pretty weak. That's probably mostly because it's running on a device with a screen resolution of 480x272.

So now I've noticed that Nokia's 810 web-tablet (similar size -- PDA style -- but with a much higher res screen, 800x480) is available for under $250, and I'm getting tempted by it, esp. since it has GPS built in, and therefore could satisfy my craving for a second GPS screen in the car (one for overhead view, one for turn-by-turn 3D view). Also important: it has a slide-out keyboard, which beats a sharp blow to the head. And while it uses proprietary batteries, at least it's a very common variety, so I could keep a few on hand.

Anyone have one of these and willing to comment? Of course, I may ignore the best advice ;)

* Stolen from me in Philadelphia, city of brotherly love.

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Nokia 810 -- the cheaper it gets, the more tempting

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