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Journal pravuil's Journal: Mixed Emotions.

It feels like I'm at the end of my wits sometimes. Every effort put things in their own allocated place but obligations get strained in order to fulfill those same obligations. As you might or might not know or even care for that matter, what I wish to achieve. The best ideal is to provide jobs for programmers. To do that I have to focus on my own efforts to build capital. I would prefer to do it within reason to keep my efforts pure from interests that could eventually undermine what I believe could be beneficial to those looking for real solutions. I would liken it to be beneficial to the consumer, small businesses, US interest, not to mention myself as well. I have a friend of mine that will work with me. It will help bring focus to what I'm trying to accomplish and it will provide solid feedback from a loyal source. That kind of loyalty is hard to find and I am very appreciative of the opportunity to brainstorm with him. I guess this blog entry can explain a little bit more. I like to ramble on a little too much for my taste but it's a good read regardless.

It's weird talking on the Internet with people that you don't know and have no real reason to trust. I would like to build trust with those willing to do the same. The future is an unwritten book but it would be nice to dig into whatever you can so some supposed good can be done. Good intentions aside, priorities and revelations of priorities undiscovered can be both scary and yet exciting at the same time. One way to find out was is realistic is to live to that greatest extent of what we are able to endure.

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Mixed Emotions.

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