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Journal forged's Journal: New Nokia 2

I was kindly given a new Nokia 6310i at work to replace my ageing 6150.

Isn't it amazing the technology they cram into cellphone these days. And mine is a mid-range business model, not one of these fancy high-end consumer models with camera and MMS or those organizers-like. It's tri-band, has got GPRS, WAP, Java and Bluetooth... The list of features is rather long. All this in only 111 grams, and that buys you 2 weeks autonomy while idle and over 3 hours worth of calls. Not bad :)

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New Nokia

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  • I don't mind. As long as you are happy with what you've got. I'm not the guy that buys a new computer every 6 months, neither cells by the way. Atop of that I really dislike the Nokia's, they have such a cheap feel.

    I still use my Siemens S35i. No GPRS, no MMS, no bluetooth. It's two years old now, and no hair on my balding head thinks of replacing it.
    Same goes for computers: the youngest computer I have is one year old. All the others range from 5 to 2 years old. Provided a good installation, they are as good as a 2Ghz P-IV or whatever you want. (Of course, I need a new computer, but that's mainly because I moved out and don't have an x86 for myself anymore).

    • I agree with this post.

      Seriously, if it ain't broke don't fix it. I've got a 700MHz Duron at home, and it's fine for what I need. Same with my cellphone (sony cmd-j5).

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