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Journal Degrees's Journal: Netcraft confirms it - you Digg it! 6

I have no idea if this link is persistant or not; but, at the moment it shows that Digg has surpassed Slashdot in the Netcraft toolbar ratings. Slashdot is the #513 most visited web site on the planet, and Digg is #512. Google is still #1.

At one time, Slashdot was ranked #25 world-wide by Netcraft.

It will have fallen to The Onion less than 30 ticks from now.

Of course, sites like Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, YouTube, Engadget and Blogger bumped the 'dot out of the rankings by going after larger audiences. Although I don't know of anything that made it impossible for Taco and friends to cater to those people.

Other sites, like, Foxsports, Wikipedia, Drudge Report, Woot, - they all blew past Slashdot - but they aren't really interactive content sites. They publish, you read. It's a different paradigm. The 'dot is all about community.

The fundamental question that is left: how long before Slashdot is less popular than I Can Has Cheezburger?

100 ticks and counting....

You Digg it?

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Netcraft confirms it - you Digg it!

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  • digg is an interesting place to see what was on reddit the day before and read even more mindless commentary than they had over at reddit.

    i peruse digg on a regular basis - but find less of interest their than i used to. reddit on the other hand seems to be doing pretty well as far as content. the front page can be a bit of a waste but some of the subreddits are pretty decent places.

    i am unaware of a facility at either that provides the kind of journal - relationship tools available here. and as good as

    • by Degrees ( 220395 )

      Thanks for the info. I hadn't visited reddit before.

      I do think that Slashdot (initially) did well with their relationship tools. They blew their early lead.

      • I do think that Slashdot (initially) did well with their relationship tools. They blew their early lead.

        Slashdot did really well with their comment moderation system and relationship tools early on in the game, but their new management completely blows. Every step they've taken lately seems to be a step backwards, designed to piss off their older readers, and they don't seem to be getting many new readers. I like Slashdot, but seriously, is Idle really necessary? Is the new AJAX interface really necessar

        • by Degrees ( 220395 )

          I agree, mostly. With the software I administer at work, client upgrades come with two modes: "Classic" and "New". You aren't forced into the new scheme if you don't like it. What a concept. It's not like Slashdot couldn't have two or three web servers each running a different HTML rendering engine, all against the same database.

          Where I disagree somewhat is the idea that corporate owenership was what lead to the downfall of the site. I'd be surprised if it weren't CmdrTaco and Pudge calling the shots on wha

          • by ces ( 119879 )

            Very likely the powers that be are so busy chasing the shiny they don't think of people who like the old way of doing things or need a simple interface for mobile devices.

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