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Journal frozencesium's Journal: How sad is my life? 2

Karma: Excellent

well holy of today i finaly post at a +2 and with no karma whoreing.

how sad is it that i am proud, happy, etc about my karma rating...

i simply post oppinions and never tried to raise my karma deliberatly. i guess i'm not as stupid as i thought :-)

UPDATE: I thought "excellent karma" gave you the +2...guess not...still at a +1...

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How sad is my life?

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  • Pleased ta meet ya!

    My only blemishes on an otherwise spotless posting history were a few Soviet Russia jokes, and having a sig that said

    Karma: Xi'an Coy Mahn (mostly affected by Professor X moderating you, Bub!)

    for about a month. No trolling or flaming. And I'm a Windows user/developer to boot! :)
  • I have had the +1 bonus for ages. I never use it, it's disabled by default.
    But congrats nevertheless.

"An open mind has but one disadvantage: it collects dirt." -- a saying at RPI