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Journal CrazedWalrus's Journal: Idiocy Exposed


This article highlights one of the main parts of Wall Street that I thought I was the only one to notice: people are full of s*it. I don't mean simple bravado to cover an insecurity. People here actually believe their crap, try to make themselves seem like the most intelligent people in the world (literally), make everyone who doesn't play the game look like an idiot, and then look to blame someone else when their world falls apart. That last part is key. It's all about the blame game here. It's not "Fix it," or "avoid doing stupid things," it's "do what you want, but look for the escape so you don't bear the consequences." ("here" being Wall Street in general.)

That blame game is what allows idiots to stay on top, because it means they're never exposed.

Honestly, that's why I'm taking a perverse joy in watching these nincompoops squirm. Sucks for me and everyone whose livelihoods they've jeopardized, but I'm glad to finally see them exposed. I cheered when that guy in LA (IIRC) thanked all the "idiots" whose daddies paid for the Ivy League educations, and who were the suckers to take the other sides of his trades.

This is as much a purge of stupidity as it is a correction for the problems they've caused. That's one reason I was against the bailout: you can't prop up unqualified, short-sighted idiots. You've got to let them crash and burn. Same in the Auto industry. Let them die. They bought their plots of dirt years ago. Let them lie in it now.

The people who inherited fabulous prosperity and didn't know what made it prosperous have steered this country into a very bad place, and the only way to fix it is to expose them for the idiots and liars that they are so that their conceit and failure is chronicled and sealed. For the same reason I'm secretly glad Obama won. He's the opposite of what I want in almost every way, but he's also so unqualified for the position he's in that he can't help but screw up big time. When he does, I want to see all those people who would have killed for the guy squirm. I want to see the parrots who stood around talking about how "dumb" Sara Palin is, as if it's a bon mot the 80th time it's repeated. So let it die, let it fall down, and let the phonies be exposed. In the meantime, we'll need to deal with them in every level of government, the media, and as the heads of corporations.

Damn. I think I'm going to shoot for a spot on talk radio.

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Idiocy Exposed

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