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Journal twitter's Journal: Windows 7 Failure Log. The Crash of Vista 2.0 1

Update 04/26/2011 Windows 7 does worse than Vista at world domination and Windows profits decline from 2008. Sales per desktop PC shipped fall to 66%. The figure is worse when you consider things like netbooks, smart phones and book readers.

Update 10/22/2010 Windows 7's first birthday leaves the company with little change to it's bottom line and can be written off as a commercial failure as Vista was. Microsoft has fired more than 10,000 since I started this log and the collapse is accelerating. Despite the hype, there have been no technical changes and business market share is in the single digits. I'm going to update this log, but in the mean time, please enjoy Techright's excellent Vista 7 Reality Log.

My Windows 7 sucks video collection is updated. This is where you can find real problems from real people.

The Vista 7 Failure Log as it was written.

Windows 7 is Vista 2.0 and is following Vista into oblivion because M$'s development method is broken and their business model has been discredited. Out for more than a year, The OS has not been taken up by business, M$'s revenue is flat and more layoff are on the way. Like the fictional "Mojave Experiment", Windows 7 is mostly a name change that inherits all the technical and ethical problems of Vista and general Windows design flaws. As evidence that M$ never learns,

The death knell is already sounding for Vista 7, M$. now promotes Windows 8 as "the rebirth of Windows".

You are better off with Ubuntu. Vista's glaring issues, industry and popular rejection are explained here. "Cloud computing" M$ style is actually a way Vista 2.0 will deliver less to customers while demanding greater lockin from service vendors. The recession will take Windows 7 down faster than Vista and that will be the end of M$. Non free software was wrong from it's inception and is finally being rejected. This log will be short, M$ may fail before the 2010 Windows 7 release date.

2007 Marketing Birth, it was clear that Vista had failed as soon as M$ announced MinWin. Windows 7 is promissed to be everything GNU/Linux is and Vista is not.

See my Vista 7 Hype Log for categorized marketing hype put out by compliant journalists and below for a chronological listing that includes the market and technical failures that inevitably followed launch.

2008 More Marketing

2009 Massive Hype, Early Industry Rejection and Quietly Dropped Features.



Vista's name change to Windows 7 should be analyzed in M$ terms to understand the magnitude of failure it represents. Why did they bother to change the name for what looks like the same old code? As M$ put it:

In the face of strong competition, Evangelism's focus may shift immediately to the next version of the same technology

Specifically, Vista failed to gain critical mass, more developers took up GNU/Linux than Vista, home and business users alike rejected it and even the Wintel press came around. Instead of becoming an industry standard, Vista was completely defeated. Windows revenues declined and continued to fall further behind PC market growth. M$ took up the demoralizing task of starting all over again with little chance for actual code improvement. A nearly exhausted cash pile, plans to enter debt, defecting investors and the coming recession make them increasingly desperate and off track even as they bluster about patents and bludgeon Yahoo. Features are already starting to fall off. Paralleling and integral to the fall of the Windows monopoly is fall of their old binary document monopoly. They are forced back to littigation threats, obvious bribery and corruption, and vaporous promises they can't meet here or in the clouds while their competitors run circles around them. Vista proved once and for all that M$'s business and development methods are broken. Windows 7 shows the company is incapable of change, clinging to discredited methods like cult members to their idols. No rational person waited until 2010 to find out that Windows 7 is Vista 2.0. The world is moving on.

When M$ fails, non free software will quickly fall from dominance to niche markets and slowly fade away. Free software has proved it can get the job done without billion dollar advertising budgets, bribes and mindless slogging at companies and individuals. Honest and open cooperation is a better way to get things done. We have already won and we will all keep on winning as vendors see the light.

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Windows 7 Failure Log. The Crash of Vista 2.0

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