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Journal Metropolitan's Journal: Interstitial Sunshine

Snow this morning, snow tomorrow, sunny and perfectly clear and blue out there now.

Ahh, Winter.

Perhaps this writing will be protected until i've turned into daisy-chow, and my children, and their children, then 1000 years beyond that. Might become the inspiration for a Disney movie.

Today's loss in the Supreme Court regarding the state of copyright isn't really surprising, considering how bereft of creativity most large corporations in the media world truly are. Just as Coca-Cola sells sweet fizzy water to us, by marketing our nostalgia for it, Disney has their entire empire built upon the idea that one can containerize air, brand it, and make a fortune convincing people that their air is better because it has an Elton John soundtrack.

The world is filled with better stories, and the potential for more. If they stop making a profit from us, perhaps they'll go away to enjoy their huge pile of gold.

The Supreme Court isn't the place for the battle, anyway. Congress has the responsibility to represent those who vote (people vote, not corporations - they can only buy and influence), and by setting such an extreme length of copyright they are serving us poorly. Let them know, or accept this and let the Disneys of the world win.

Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success. -- Christopher Lascl