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Journal twitter's Journal: Is M$ Finally Over? The M$ Death Watch. 6

Update 05/02/2011 - In 2008, I asked, "Has the end finally come for M$ and non free software?" The answer is now obviously, "yes". Hopefully, the company will implode before it can do more harm. Recent victories through entriesm and other dirty tricks have ruined once great companies but have been hollow. They corrupted ISO but no one switched to OOXML, and Office profits continue to decline. They took over Yahoo but Bing was caught scraping Google results off user's PCs and remained a huge loss. Mobile computing efforts were a bigger flop than Zune. Microsoft managed to coopt Nokia but carriers remained skeptical. Novell was finally slaughtered but this brought nothing to Microsoft other than government limited patents. The courts wasted much time, money and effort but ultimately rejected Microsoft's patent extortion as companies finally fought back. Microsoft customers are stuck between an ancient OS that works but is painful to use and modern versions that are not much better but come with unacceptable privacy loses and user restrictions. No businesses that count have moved to Vista/Windows 7 and hapless users are spread equally between XP, Vista and Windows 7 so that none of these very different and diverging platforms has more than 30% of the shrinking "PC" market. The monopoly is over, here's my write up of the major signposts that got us here as they happened:

2009 was declared the year of Desktop Linux because Windows 7 failed and netbooks drove sales. Vista was rejected, even when rebranded, and there were lots of stories about how the company was past it's prime. Opinion of their new Office is about as low. Partners like CompUSA and Circuit City failed with Vista, Adobe is under full frontal attack for the remaining "profit centers," and outsource partners are imploding [2]. There's been a regular executive exodus. After three straight quarters of missing Wall Street expectation came news of massive losses, a now confirmed plan to go into debt buying their own stock and a hiring freeze. The fourth straight quarter of misses was worse than the others and M$ fired around 10,000 workers. In 2010 Microsoft bullied gnu/linux out of netbooks only to watch the market drop 40% as people rushed to Linux and OSX powered phones and tablets. Even Forbes has declared Microsoft over.

For fun, listen to this while you read, or take a tour of M$'s own Software Graveyard.

The Death Watch:

1998-2008, a decade of failure capped by Vista and destruction of their Patent Portfolio.

2008, the end is apparent. Obituaries are written, employees, investors and customers bail out of the monopoly.

2009, the melt down turns into a death spiral. Even M$ Word fans see the end of an era and Windows 7 turns out to be an even bigger disaster than Vista.

2010 - Windows 7 Fails.

2011 - Microsoft Collapses into Patent Bully. Executive cut and run while jobs are outsourced.

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Is M$ Finally Over? The M$ Death Watch.

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