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Journal Spy der Mann's Journal: I'm ashamed of myself... sayonara? 4

Sigh. Today I feel like an idiot. I screwed up in this thread, not knowing exactly what I was talking about.

The worst part is that I really tried to help. I really was convinced I had found a solution, but it was the wrong solution. So now I'm ashamed of myself and I don't know what to do.

I'm sincerely sorry. Maybe I won't post again on slashdot... it's no use, karma is useless if you get praised for the wrong things and then end up looking like an idiot.

Am I being a coward? I really don't know. But it makes me wonder... what was my reason for joining slashdot? To find other people's approval? To find a place to be with other people like myself? To find a refuge from my loneliness? Or just to try to help people with the little knowledge I might have?

Frankly, I don't know, and I really don't know if I care anymore. It feels like a lot of wasted energy.

Maybe I'll come back here posting one or two jokes - that's what I'm really good at... sometimes. It's just really hard to lose a reputation based on one single post. I know I shouldn't think that way... but it still hurts. Maybe it's because I'm really an antisocial type and I really have no real world friends.

Sucks, isn't it? Well, maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and realize it wasn't that bad after all. Because that's how humans are. Fragile and stupid.

Whatever happens, just be careful what you say in front of others. I guess that's what karma really is.

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I'm ashamed of myself... sayonara?

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  • by nkh ( 750837 )
    I screwed up once or twice already on /., I thought I was the biggest fool on earth, that I was not worthy, and was just ruining perfectly good conversations. But it's not true, you have a life of your own, we all have, and you didn't ruined anything, you just reacted fast, maybe too fast as if it was a real-life conversation, but it will be forgotten (and forgiven ;-) ). You did it in front of a lot of knowledgeable guys, and that's why you believe all this, but the truth remains that you're a good guy bec
  • No big deal to make a mistake. Even a busted hypothesis can lead to another discovery. Better to occasionally mis-speak than to never say anything.
  • I've said stupider things before breakfast. And after breakfast. And during breakfast, spraying soggy half-chewed frosted flakes all over my conversational partners.

    Everyone screws up, especially on Internet forums. I've a few whoppers to my name on /. and elsewhere. No worries!

In English, every word can be verbed. Would that it were so in our programming languages.