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Journal tompaulco's Journal: USPS trying to lose customers 5

Long lines at the Post Office have long been a problem, but today I was reminded of the issue once again, and it got me to thinking. The USPS keeps raising rates to cover costs on the one hand, but on the other hand they are trying as hard as they can to lose customers and thus the economies of scale. Today I went in to the local Post Office and there were 8 people in line and 1 clerk. I just turned around and left because I don't have 45 minutes to wait around. Another person in the line also left while I was standing there. The problem is, what is the alternative? If you have packages, you can go to FedEx, UPS etc., but the USPS has a government enforced monopoly on first class mail. I think it is time to break that monopoly and make the USPS compete.
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USPS trying to lose customers

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  • I think it is time to break that monopoly and make the USPS compete [in first class mail].

    An interesting idea. Street corners might have multiple companies' mailboxes (like they do now in business districts), or one, or none, as each of the competing organizations would decide for themselves which locations make business sense for them. Or you could always go to their local office/with drive-up boxes. We wouldn't want x number of mailboxes at each house, so they'd probably all get a common key to each of ou

    • BTW, can't you get the equivalent of your P.O. box at a place like Mailboxes Etc.?
      Undoubtedly, but I'm sure you can imagine what a hassle changing your address is for a business.
      • Okay, but then don't complain about a lack of competition when it's not worth the hassle to you of switching to a competitor. If everyone were like that, there'd be no competitors.

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