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Journal sm62704's Journal: Bars and Star 3

Previously: Drought's End

"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make" -the Beatles

Afterwards we sat on the porch swing, cuddling and talking. I hadn't had such a nice evening in a long, long time. Finally she announced that she had to be going; she needed to make some money.

"I thought you said you stopped selling it?" I asked.

"I don't have anywhere to go, and besides, I really miss it. I'll call you tomorrow, maybe."

"Ok". I kissed her, and she was gone, walking down the street.

The next morning as I was watching The Rookie, the doorbell rang. Figuring it was probably Snakelady, I opened the door.

It was Annie's boyfriend, who I'd only met once. He looked mad, and I didn't give him a chance to talk. "She ain't here, man", I said. "She took off early last night." He walked back to his car, shoulders slumped dejectedly. I felt sorry for the poor fool, and relieved he didn't want to kick my ass; he's a big guy and probably wouldn't have had much trouble doing so.

Only a fool falls in love with a woman he pays for sex.

I finished watching the movie. "You know what a real criminal is? A real criminal is somebody who would deface a work of art like this with a color like that!"

I decided to go to JWs for a beer. An old friend I'd known since the kids were small was there, a fellow nerd. We talked about women and computers for a while, and went out to the beer garden. He had some skunk, he said. It wasn't very skunky but it was some pretty good weed. This was indeed a nice weekend!

My phone rang. It was a girl named Star, wanting to take me out to eat.

I didn't know anybody named Star.

I told my nerd buddy "I have to stop drinking so much. I just got asked out by some girl named 'Star' and can't remember anybody with that name for the life of me." The name, for some reason, put visions of red hair in my head, but I couldn't place her.

He left, and I had a final beer and left as well. As I walked out the door, Linda called wanting to shoot some pool. I drove over to get her. "You mind if Tami comes along?" she asked.

Sigh. "I guess not. I'm not paying her way, though." Third wheel Tami gabbered on about the guys buying her drinks the night before, annoying the hell out of me. Linda kicked my ass at pool twice, and I took them home. "Isn't it my turn to go to D'Arcy's with you?" Linda sked as she got out.

Sigh. I'd taken Charlie there twice; the first time it had been too crowded to get a table and we'd just had a car bomb, the IRA terrorist drink, and gone to Top Cat's to eat. I'd taken Tami to D'Arcy's twice when she was living with me. "I guess. But Tami ain't goin'!"

Charlie walked around the corner; she was there and said she wanted a ride to work. "You got that money you owe me?" I asked.

No, her boss was on vacation, she said. "This is that house I was cleaning." She would get paid for that one when the job was done. But nobody was there, so we went to the Blue Grouch and I bought her a beer.

"Do you know anybody named Star?" I asked. I figured Star was most likely a hooker, and if so Charlie had most likely run her off from Ralph's, as she and Linda always tried to do when a whore came by. That was one thing the three of them had in common - a dislike of prostitutes. Fat old Tami hated them because her young alien husband was always breaking her heart hiring them instead of giving her any sex, and Linda and Charlie didn't hate them, but they didn't like them scamming poor old Ralph out of his money as hookers are wont to do.

"I think she's friends with Kay," Charlie said. "Young blonde girl..."

I remembered a blonde that Kay had brought by over a year ago, a very good looking blond in her twenties, thin with large hooters. They had wanted to use my house as a whorehouse and I'd turned them down, and they left mad. The girl that had come with kay had a drug problem; she was a heroin whore.

Halfway through the second beer Charlie's phone rang; it was the guy with the house, he was coming to the Grouch to get her.

I got to bed early that night. And remembered who Star was - I think. Not the blond, but a redhead close to my age Julia had brought by a year earlier. She was a madam; a female pimp, with her own escort service.

I fell asleep with a smile on my face. I wonder if she'll call again?

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Bars and Star

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  • so did you set something up with her when she called, or are you waiting for a call back?
    • by sm62704 ( 957197 )

      No, I figured since whoever she was, it had been so long since I'd seen her she was looking for cash and probably to rip me off.

      I took Annie to see Ralph and then out to eat yesterday, though; it was her birthday. Then her BF came and got her, and dumped her halfway across town (she called, I gave her a ride and she disappeared). So those two are broke up, so I imagine there will be no more drought for a while.

      I'm taking Charlie to the Blue Grouch for pizza tonight. Ralph's out of the hospital, but his daug

      • by Gogo0 ( 877020 )
        aw, man! try look on the bright side!
        you could have had dinner with her to find out if she was just looking for cash or what. im sure your skeptical enough at this point to not be that easily fooled by some female tricks. maybe she was just a stranger mistaking you for someone else -you could meet someone new and possibly interesting!
        i hope she does call you back.

"For a male and female to live continuously together is... biologically speaking, an extremely unnatural condition." -- Robert Briffault