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Journal NewYorkCountryLawyer's Journal: ABA Judges Get an Earful about RIAA Litigations 5

Well, I was afforded the opportunity to write for a slightly different audience -- the judges who belong to the Judicial Division of the American Bar Association. I was invited by the The Judges' Journal, their quarterly publication, to do a piece on the RIAA litigations for the ABA's Summer, 2008, 'Equal Access to Justice' issue. What I came up with was 'Large Recording Companies vs. The Defenseless : Some Common Sense Solutions to the Challenges of the RIAA Litigations', in which I describe the unfairness of these cases and make 15 suggestions as to how the courts could make it a more level playing field. I'm hoping the judges mod my article '+5 Insightful', but I'd settle for '+3 Informative'. For the actual article go here (PDF). (If anyone out there can send me a decent HTML version of it, I'll run that one up the flagpole as well.)
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ABA Judges Get an Earful about RIAA Litigations

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  • I just ran it thru "PDF2HTML" and this is what it spit out: []

    (that's all one line, if it got borkend here)

    I haven't checked it beyond that it actually loads in Seamonkey, cuz I gotta run off to town in about two seconds.

    Thanks for all your fine work!

    • Cool. Thanks, Reziac. It's not perfect, but a lot of people will prefer to read it in that format.
      • by Reziac ( 43301 ) *

        Welcome. I hate PDFs myself, so I understand the desire to read an HTML file instead. :)

        The automated convertor makes ugly underpinnings that aren't real simple to edit, and I see that some of the footnotes overlap... but I was surprised to see that it preserved as much of the layout as it did. -- If I get time I'll try to do something about the errors, or maybe some other fine person will handle it.

  • I have no objection to the record labels suing copyright infringers, but they need to prove their cases, rather than browbeat people into paying whether they did anything wrong or not. Hopefully the judges will pay attention to your article, and implement some or all of your suggestions.

    There's a severe imbalance here, and it must fall to the judiciary to right it.

    • I have no objection to the record labels suing copyright infringers, but they need to prove their cases...

      I actually do have a problem with it. In my day, even though a copyright owner might have had a claim did NOT mean an automatic lawsuit. Lawyers tried to get cease and desist agreements, and avoid lawsuits. These lawyers don't. It's either pay an extortionate sum of money, or be sued.

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