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Journal John Harrison's Journal: Strangely Enough, I Have Moderator Points 1

After modding up the Post Of Doom (and one of the responses to it) I lost the ability to moderate. I guess that one or two bad moderations was enough to get you banned. It seems that everyone that modded the post up got placed by hand on the blacklist, which kept you from moderating or even meta-moderating.

Since the introduction of the Zoo system I have been able to meta-moderate, but until today I have still not had normal moderator points. This led me to think that there was still some secret list of "bad people" and that I was still on it. Now I am simply confused.

What I am not confused about is how I will use these points. I will use them as I see fit, not as Taco would. If I find a post to be more Informative than Off-Topic I will mod it as Informative. If I find it funny, I will mod it as such. If I do a good enough job perhaps I will again be hand picked (as opposed to being picked through meta-moderation) to not moderate again.

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Strangely Enough, I Have Moderator Points

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