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Journal kernowyon's Journal: Phorm cookies

If you have a minute spare, you may be interested in this little experiment. Open your browser, clear all cookies. Now, hop over to Google (I use, so it may differ on others) and in the search box, put in phorm - as you would presumably do if looking for references to this evil junk.
No need to follow any of the links, just wait til the search page loads and then look in the browsers cookies. You should find a phorm session cookie!
My first question has to be - where did that come from? Are Google in league with them or is it something to do with the nice Phorm advertising link on the right of the page?
The second question - does that cookie allow Phorm to see which anti-phorm sites I have been visiting!
If I head over to an anti-phorm site, maybe post something or view several links, then perhaps decide to read Phorms view on the topics, can Phorm see where I have been/what I was doing?
I thought this needed bringing to someones attention, so I have dropped an email to the anti-phorm website and another to Google for their views.

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