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Journal Miseph's Journal: In Soviet xkcd...

On March 29th my girlfriend and I went to a small but relatively well-funded convention at Smith College (one of the Seven Sisters schools). One of the panelists in attendance was Randall Munroe of xkcd, and I had the chance to chat (not on IRC) with him for a while.

It came up that I wished there was some way I could truly pwn people who link to xkcd rather than make their own jokes. We started thinking of what it would say, he mentioned that it's about as creative as "in Soviet Russia..." jokes, and at the end of the conversation this photo was taken. Randall is on the left, and I'm on the right (as indicated by my name tag).

As for why it took so long to get this out there... I just haven't seen many xkcd links in the past month (you slackers), just one by an AC way down in a story that was too many hours old for anyone to actually see it, and I simply forgot about the very existence of journals until today. In any case, this seemed like a solid use for my first (and if I use it about as often as my LJ account, probably last) journal entry.

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In Soviet xkcd...

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