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Journal tuxette's Journal: update for those of you who aren't on Multiply 7

Let's see...

- The new job (started 3rd of March) is going OK though there are still quite a lot of adjustment pains. At the very least I have close to a carte blanche when it comes to going to external courses and conferences, which is quite cool.

- It's finally warm enough to start running outside. Yay!

- Still doing Krav Maga. Some of you know I missed out last semester due to an injury, but now everything seems to be OK. I'm not sure if I'll go up to P5 this semester though.

- I met an ex-slashdotter/Multiply refugee in real life, making the total to three.

- I've been taking lots of bird photos lately, but I really need to learn how to use my camera properly. It's good to know I'm not short on subjects :-)

- I have mod points :-D

How are you all doing?

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update for those of you who aren't on Multiply

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    • by tuxette ( 731067 ) *
      I'm glad you're still around, and I hope you're doing well. One of these days I'll get myself over to Luxembourg, though it seems like I'm usually the one who gets the visitors...
      • I like to save money.... I persuade my wife to make shorter cheaper vacations, so I can't suggest a vacation in the north. :-/
  • I recently met my second slashdotter in real life, although it was for all of five minutes.

    That's a very nice set of photos you've taken. :-) Looks like it was fun to take the camera out.

  • on the new job and all that. I'm also enjoying the better weather here, although I walk instead of run.

    cool photos. thanks for sharing.

    I live. I guess that's enough of a victory for one day.

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