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Journal keith_nt4's Journal: Vacation: Day 14

So here I am again. 2am. Didn't do much today either. Did start where i left off in the game programming book though. Have yet to start on the A+ book.

So I watched some TV, read some of that book, chatted a little, downloaded some files and finally got signed up and started playing neocron. Ok actually I signed up yesterday.

Overall a fun experience. So far seems very very much like beta 4, what little I played of that. Except everything seems to work the way it's supposed to. Mostly. Although the game did crash at least 3 times in a few hours. I played that game so much already I start to wonder what those that are playing it for the first time think of it.

I hope that wasn't too exciting for anyone. Not sure why I keep saying that. Not like anyone reading this. So I guess I'll continue...


Tonight I would like to talk what is really really my top favorite show ever. It's this basic cable show called The Shield. Perhaps you've heard of it? The lead actor, Micheal Chitles or something like that, beat Martin Sheen (you know, from The West Wing) for best actor at the Emmy Awards. The channel is FX. This is a very "gritty" police drama. Makes NYPD Blue look like Dragnet from the 60's... They got to air stuff I never thought I'd see on commercial TV. Obviously they can't do some of the stuff that HBO can do. But damn did they get away with a lot.

This show had the guts to have episodes with things like black market cigarettes and the local mexican-american organization effectively tying the hands of anybody and everybody try to put a dangerous criminal who happened to be mexican in jail (the show takes place in L.A.). To say the least, very, very gutsy.

The first 2 or so episodes are actually quite different from the rest. The first season was only 13 episodes (I have them all on tape). But every episode is very very good to say the least. It's the kinda show every episode make ya say "I can't believe he said that!" or "How can they show him doing that?!". The main character he's kind of a crooked cop. He hangs out with this group of other cops in a back room of the department planning the various escapades. He does bad stuff, grossly unconstitutional/illegal things, but they're always with a good intention behind it. Ok except maybe when he helped the hooker cover up the accidental shooting of a Jon. That was just so her baby wouldn't be taken away from her. Which perhaps that's what the hooker deserved. But anyway. In the very first episode he has to kill another cop who was about to testify against the group in court. This was to save himself and the group from going to jail. Ok that one was iffy too. But for the most part he really is the protagonist. Definately this how is a worthy heir for all those people turning the channel in disgust after seeing the latest season of The Sapranos. Which I saw some of on DVD at one point. I can see why it was so popular. This season though, well you saw it right? Now very good at all.

That's it for now I suppose. I'm glad I'm back in the habbit again.

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