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Journal Skraut's Journal: Good Day; Bad Movie

Well today was quite interesting. Got the server set up with IIS. Turned it off so the script kiddies don't tear the hell out of it, and when I'm ready for it I'll fire it back up. Gretchen and I worked all day on our book. Made great progress, but I became a little frustrated when we discovered basically the same content online for free. I know open source is a great thing, but I've gotta eat too. Well we'll finish the project and see if we can get it online and see if we can make any money out of it.

I'm kinda getting a bit burned out. I need a day off. I know I'll have New Years Eve day and New Years Day, but as we'll be with family then it really won't be “off.” I recharge by being alone and unwinding with a game or a good book, and am not really a people person, though I'm becoming more of one. But being around large crowds and busy with family and friends will only stress me out a bit more rather than chilling me out..

In the evening we watched Bandits I'm usually pretty apathetic on movies, there's few I really love or really hate. But I'm pretty sure I don't care for Bandits. It didn't know where it was going or what type of movie it wanted to be, drama, romantic comedy, action etc. and I could see the ending coming a mile away. Maybe it was just because the movie felt a lot like Deja-vu of Swordfish only Swordfish had a lot more going for it. Cool computers (even though they were “Holywoodisized”) a tech related plot, and an actor that could Act, Sing, and Dance.

Well time to hit the sack. Tomorrow I have to find out about other broadband options and finish the book.

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Good Day; Bad Movie

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