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Journal Skraut's Journal: The Joy of Sleep

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Slept in waaaay too late. Enjoyed it though. I just got really comfortable in bed. I wasn't so much asleep the entire time as I was just laying there being comfortable and being lost in my thoughts. Sometimes I wonder if I think too much. I tend to over-analyze things and often think myself out of what I want to do and what I need to accomplish. Looks as if Gretchen wants to do her Spanish work today so I'll stay focused on my programming. I've got too many ideas that I think are good to stop now. I WILL turn something into making a profit so that I can reach my goal. Monday I'll look into getting the pricing for the Windcast Broadband and see if I can afford it. I know I'll need the extra upstream bandwidth that it will provide to host the server. Hopefully the price will have come down from the last time I checked (A $600 setup fee) and I'll look into it and some kind of satelite TV service. I'm tired of Time Warner Cable and Road Runner with it's “always on” connection which drops me 3-5 times a day.

Well time to head out to the gym. I always feel better after working out so it'll give me that boost to get everything done I need to get done today.

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The Joy of Sleep

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