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Journal Skraut's Journal: Going to be a great day

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Starting to get used to this new Kinesis keyboard. The wrists aren't hurting as much and while my speed is down slightly, it's getting back there somewhat quickly. Forcing myself to relearn typing a few years ago when I switched to a Dvorak keyboard has been a big help since I'm touch typing rather than look typing. The big thing to get used to with this keyboard is the odd placement of the arrow keys, hitting enter, backspace and delete with my thumb, and turning the three-finger-salute into a 1 finger salute and naturally you know which finger :)

I got up early today and went to the gym. I'm pretty proud of myself as I did 10 minutes on the skating machine, 15 minutes on the cross trainer and 30 minutes between the various pieces of weight equipment.

today's goal is going to seem simple but I'm sure be pretty hard. I want to commit to working 5 hours straight on programming and learn OOP. I know it will be tough, not because I don't want to learn it, I just know my natural tendencies to work for 5 minutes and take a “break” for 20. I know much of that stems from my work in Television with it's hurry up and wait attitude, but it's time it changed. I'm also a bit worried about Gretchen calling and talking to me for quite a while. I'm sure she'll get talked to quite a bit about her leaving and then call me and tell me all about it. I'll be there for her, but I want to get all my work done too.

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Going to be a great day

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