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Journal MsWillow's Journal: An over-due status report 1

Pulse 33 is complete. It started bad - aches, restless leg, severe depression - but, as I soldiered on anyway, things got easier. My mood got hopeful, at night I was able to bring my errant leg under control, and I've been able to control my left hand well enough to both use my mouse and drive my power chair. Way cool!

I still need more improvement, but things are looking better and better. Vikki is helping me with range-of-motion exercises and tendon stretching Next step will be some strength training, to rebuild lost muscle tone.

I plan to maintain this aggressive medication schedule (5 days on, ten off), as it does seem to work though I feel crappy on it. As my hand and arm improve, I'll get back to my lapidary. When my leg is also well enough to stand on my own, I'll get back to Rick's workshop, to do stuff I can't do here, like firing some PMC jewelry I plan to make featuring my stones, and making a solid jade necklace (pendant, chain and clasp all from stone).

Oh, and I'm going to have Dave E. from the club cut a few of the big color-change garnets I won on eBay last June. The largest stone is 8.4 carats, and should be rather impressive when done. Wheee!

Pulse 34 will be over before my birthday. Wow, I really am getting better. About time!

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An over-due status report

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