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Christmas Cheer

Journal tuxette's Journal: lens lens baby 7

I got a lensbaby! :-D

The 2.0 to be more precise. I can't wait to start playing around with it...

If you don't know what a lensbaby is or what it can do, click on the product link, or perhaps check out the lensbaby flickr group...

I also got penguin jewelry - the silver one. Apparently, it was the (plush) penguin and owl families that insisted I get this ;-)

Boyfriend of tuxette got one of these, so that he can find himself :-P
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lens lens baby

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  • that lensbaby thing is slick. I always just thought that was some kind of processing effect, I didn't know you could actually get the effect from a lens.
    gps is always nice. I use mine to mark where I parked whenever I'm out in a new place hiking around. No more having trouble finding my way back to the car.
  • Following is a review I wrote about the lensbaby. Sadly, since I wrote this I haven't used it that much. I'm anxious to hear what your thoughts are on the lens that you got. []

    This is a review of the 3g lensbaby that has all of the info in I wish I had before I bought mine. If I had this info I would still have bought mine, but I might have waited a little.

    First, a little about what I take pictures of. If all you care about is the lens itself, ski
  • My friend Ann has a Lensbaby and it is truly a nice bit of camera goodness allowing her an incredible flexibility in photographic effects. I'll look forward to your pics.
  • by Tet ( 2721 )
    Intriguing device, but personally, I'm not convinced. Surely the same effect could be added in postprocessing, with much more flexibility, and without losing anything in the way of image data at the time you take the shot?
    • by tuxette ( 731067 ) *
      With a lensbaby, you have more fun with playing with the optics as well as tackling the artistic challenges, rather than doing the boring thing with Photoshop et al. afterwards...

      Also, a lensbaby has much better bokeh than you would *ever* get with Photoshop...
      • by Tet ( 2721 )
        Also, a lensbaby has much better bokeh than you would *ever* get with Photoshop...

        I'm going to have to disagree with that. I can't think of *anything* you can do with optics that can't be done equally well by digital means after the fact. You might need to put in a bit of effort if you're just using the out of the box effects, but once you've found a technique that works, it's easy enough to script it up for future use. I'm not disputing that the lensbaby is an interesting device, or that there are reason

        • And, as so often... Gotta agree with Tet. ;-)

          That said, Tet, I think she likes fiddling with her camera which would explain the one thing digital post processing doesn't give you what optics does: fun. Yeah, that, and being able to say "yeah, I did it myself. No Photoshop/GIMP involved".

          The device is thought for people that do photography for the sake of photography. Unlike me (can't talk for you), where the end result is all that matters.

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