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GNU is Not Unix

Journal npsimons's Journal: Webcam(s) for GNU/Linux 1

(posting this under "GNU is Not Unix" as there doesn't appear to be a "Linux" category or an "Ask Slashdot" category; WTF is up with slashdot these days? Are they forgetting their roots? Anyways, that's another rant . . . ).

I've been looking for a webcam that works with Linux for a long time. I've tried ordering Logitech QuickCams of the 3000 and 4000 variety once I was fairly certain they would work with Linux only to be told that they were "out of stock" or "back-ordered" (another rant: why can't these retards keep their online inventory up to date? it really should be prosecutable under false-advertising to list a product as available when it isn't; I found a blog posting along these lines somewhere, but can't find it now; I can't remember if I found it linked from or; if anyone has a link to it, let me know).

Here's my question: is there a webcam that I can use with Ekiga and MythTV's MythPhone plugin? Where can I buy it? Please note that getting used hardware off of eBay is not an option; binary only drivers are also not preferred. I'm just looking for a simple webcam that I can do videoconferencing with under Linux. I know that many people will say "just search google", but believe me, I've tried and every time I find that the webcams supported by Linux aren't for sale anymore.

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Webcam(s) for GNU/Linux

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    I would copy/print this list and take it googling and to next computer swap meet.

    The driver for these is in the 2.6.?? kernel

    The key is vendor is and product id - ideally take a linux laptop with you and plug it in and run lsusb to test it and verify it is on the list and has a green yes

    There are other drivers and options - but if you can get one on the list above you should be set - no extra driver, install or anything.

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