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Journal scooter.higher's Journal: A revelation of sorts...

I have read a few articles lately that got me thinking. Some of the articles dealt with things such as: a fourth dimension soon to be revealed; humans having a predisposition to believe in the supernatural; string theory (and the possibility of 11 dimensions or more). These articles lead me to a book called Flatland (written in 1885, available on Google Books).

I know I am not the first person to have this particular revelation, but I started thinking about a fourth dimensional existence (with the fourth dimension being time) and how that relates to religion.

My thoughts followed along these lines: When you die, you transcend into a being able to conceive of four dimensions at once. Then, as a fourth dimensional being you see/experience all of the time of *your* existence at once.

This would be a good justification for living a "good" life during your three dimensional life, and would lead you to "heaven" where you experience the whole of your life as being generally good. On the other hand, if you lived a "bad" life, then you would experience the "hell" of experiencing the whole of your bad life.

What if there was a fourth dimensional being that imparted this wisdom/knowledge to someone a couple/few thousand years ago**. That person then tried to share this with as many people as possible... getting the word out, so to speak. Then, other people started seeing this guy's message getting around, but thought that it needed a little flair to catch on properly, and why not throw in a way to control people and have them give you money as well.

Poof! Religion as we know it today.

(** As a side note on this, I have heard people discuss how the Judeo-Christian God is able to see all time at once, so this plays into my argument nicely!)

I wonder how many dimensions the Flying Spaghetti Monster is able to observe...

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A revelation of sorts...

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