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Journal sm62704's Journal: Klutzo the Clown tasered to death 1

According to local TV stations, A. Paul Carlock, also known as Klutzo the Clown was tasered to death in the Sangamon County Jail in Springfield Friday morning, dying at St. John's Hospital.

Klutzo the Cop Clergy Clown was a former police officer, former Christian preacher, former "Big Brother", and had worked in two day care centers.

He was in jail on charges of child pornography and "sex tourism" after returning from a trip he made to the Phillipines to have sex with children.

But parents, be afraid of teh intarwebs. A preditor from the internet might get them. Don't worry one little bit about the cop, the minister, the day care worker, or the clown.

UPDATE 11/11/2007
Illinois Times

UPDATE 11/21/2007
The FBI is investigating Klutzo's death.

Marshall Stone, supervisory special agent with the Springfield office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, said Tuesday his agency will be checking to ensure that Klutzo's civil rights were not violated.

Only in Springfield would you find a Marshall named "Stone".

UPDATE 12/04/2007

In a particularly clownish twist to the Klutzo story, it appears that Klutzo was possibly killed by a jailor who sat on him.

"I didn't like the way it happened," said McLemore, who was facing domestic battery, unlawful restraint and weapons charges. "If it happened to me, I would want someone to stick up for me."

He said that Carlock was not fighting but was acting like "dead weight." McLemore said he saw a corrections officer sit on the back of Carlock, who was chest down on the floor outside his jail cell, while a woman out of uniform and carrying a walkie-talkie joked that all Carlock had to do was go unconscious and the corrections officers would leave him alone. He then saw Carlock's feet turn purple.

Matt Groening, eat your heart out! The 3D Springfield is a lot weirder and funnier than the 2D Springfield.

UPDATE 12/05/2007

There's a Chris Britt political cartoon about the incident in today's paper.

UPDATE 12/21/2007
The Coroner's inquest couldn't find our what killed the clown. From the newspaper story:

A Sangamon County coroner's jury Thursday was unable to determine the specific cause of death of A. Paul Carlock, a clown performer, former police officer and minister accused of sex crimes against children.

Too many factors could have contributed to the 57-year-old Springfield resident's death for a single cause to be cited, the jury of four women and three men ruled.

UPDATE 3/17/2008
A different guy who performs as Klutzo changed his clown name to "Lazy Bonz".

For nearly 20 years, suburban Chicago official Jerry Kautz split his time between his duties as village clerk of Algonquin and volunteer work as a clown named " Klutzo."
That all ended when A. Paul Carlock, a central Illinois man using the same moniker, was charged with child pornography and sexual abuse last year. He later died in custody.

Lets hope Lazy Bonz' Bone is lazier and less child-hostile than Springfield Klutzo's pedophile boner.

UPDATE 3/21/2008
Klutzo estate files suit over treatment in jail

UPDATE 6/16/2008
Carlock family makes new allegations
Includes claim jailer said former clown 'got what he deserved'

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Klutzo the Clown tasered to death

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  • Tasering the creep (in the LEG) "had little effect", but then his color changed (presumably got pale) when sat up (which could've been considered a near fainting, not deadly), then when his pulse got weak (still possible with a faint) and his breathing changed (not usual with a faint - indicates some other life threatening illness) - they only then had reason to know he was in serious danger and they then did speed up the ambulance.

    They seemed to follow decent procedures. The fact he died later at the hospi

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