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Journal Kadin2048's Journal: Meta: Is the new threading system messed up? 2

So it seems like the new discussion-threading system (aka "D2", according to the preferences page) no longer works for me.

I had just gotten used to it -- in particular, being able to click on comments to expand or collapse them -- and suddenly at some point this afternoon I reloaded a page and the whole thing just went away. I'm back to the regular discussion style, where clicking on the title of another user's post will open that post in a separate page.

However, I still have the new style selected in my preferences. I'm just curious whether this is a global problem or something specific to my network or configuration. I've tried disabling AdBlock and some other relevant FF extensions but no dice.

Anyone else noticing anything amiss?

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Meta: Is the new threading system messed up?

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  • I tried it (again) about a week ago, but lost the main "reply" button to a user's JE. I turned D2 off have haven't gone back.
  • Well, at any rate, it's back working now (Wed Oct 17 17:12:08 EDT 2007), and has been since sometime late last night at least. Not sure if it was a local problem or something on Slashdot's end.

    Oh, well.

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