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Journal WasteOfAmmo's Journal: Art Of Dying

Finally after a few years I have something that I consider worthwhile to post here.

Ok, right off lets get this out of the way... this posting is about helping a girl win a guitar and about good music; more the winning though. Wait a minute, stop there, I know half of your brain is stuck on the 'g' word and the other half is wondering what the hell this has to do with dying. Lets deal with the contest first then we can satisfy your questions.

The contest is a simple click battle and you can help by clicking this once or more (limited to once per hour). Why the hell would you do this?? I give you two good reasons:

  1. Your helping a girl!! (yep there is that 'g' word again, don't worry you will be able to focus again in about 15 seconds. Not sure how long until you can stand up without looking like a compass though)
  2. It turns out AOD music is actually excellent (which surprised me). The site has 4 songs that you can play. I have not heard anything but the 4 posted songs but I intend to get more of their music.

I know, I know, enough about the friggin contest, what about the girl???

  1. Is she my girl?
    What are you crazy this is /., we don't have girls (ok don't tell my wife I said that but you were thinking it!).
  2. Is she good looking?
    What does this look like, a pr0n site? Sheesh. Well actually she is quite good looking and yes she does have a sister and no I will not send you a picture but if she wins the guitar she has promised to post a picture of herself with the guitar. Wait! Yes she will have clothes on, come on buddy focus! Damnit!
  3. Is she available, is her sister available, is her mother avialable, how about her guinea pig??
    Ok so now I'm a dating service. And I don't want to hear about the ginea pig. Help her win and you might be able to find out more information.
  4. Why should anyone help??
    Well a fellow CS student summed that up better than me in a blog entry.

Now about the music: Personally I like "You Don't Know Me" best out of the four but they are all good. Not sure how I would classify the music... definitely on the harder side of rock. Reminds me a little of Collective Soul, Nickelback (or however you spell it), and a few others. Their lead has a decent voice and whoever is mixing knows what they are doing, can't say that about a lot of board junkies lately.

So if you have not yet head over to AOD music and contest site, help Addicted win the contest and listen to the music. Then post a comment on what you think.

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Art Of Dying

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