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Journal BrodeCo's Journal: My new tech setup

Monitor: AST Vision 5L
Printer: HP psc 2110 all-in-one (very tempermental)
OS: Windows XP, sadly (am downloading slackware-8.1-install-iso right now, but XP crashes mysteriously whenever Slack is about to arrive on my Desktop. for less info)
There's a Sony monitor sitting next to the AST (which I'm looking at)... but I'd need to be in a better mood to install it or even think about it before tomorrow (we're giving our friend Luke the monitor back ASAP)
Oh, and there's another piece of shit monitor in the closet to my left, but I don't even want to dignify it with more than a passing mention.
This is all being done with the help of an Athalon 1800 Processor, and there's Ween playing on an Acer 56x max crap-factory standard CD-Rom drive.
Our Sony CD-RW is just kind of sitting there on the Acer's left (my right) and there's a Creative 8x (antique) screwed in just above it [when the tower sits at a vertical angle)...
There's an X-Box in the living room, but it's just barely compatible with the television.
I'm smoking "Tobacco"(tm & copyright 2002 the Microsoft Corporation), but later tonight I will be inhaling the fumes of burning "Cannabis Sativa" ("Cannabis Sativa" and all associated memes are copyleft & copyright 2002 by Brodie Michael Wesley Kelly,, all rights reserved by your dead rotting corpse of a grandmother, may she be raped by Conquistadores every weeknight at 9/8 Central on your local NBC affiliate.)

Oh, and there's some beer. Beer is good.

Beer helps me enjoy installing Slackware.

More details as they are imagined.


One True God
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My new tech setup

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