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Journal chimpo13's Journal: ah, the joy of never using emoticons

You'd figure people would read a comment and react to what you wrote. But no, it's far easier to skim the comment, read it as the complete opposite of what you wrote and then go with it.

I make a comment about how nukes should be sold to everyone. It's quit obvious that's meant to be taken very seriously.

Doc Ruby takes it as I'm so super-duper pro-gun that he starts rambling nonsense in a crazy rant.

I'm not sure exactly what he meant to be saying, but I do enjoy him calling me a gun fetishist. He was modded up to 5 insightful for something that he took completely wrong. Reading over Doc's journal, I noticed that he has a special friend who says when they have mod points, they look for his posts to mark him down. I wonder if he skims and reacts to people often. It reminds me of Bill O'Reilly only he's doing it from the Left Wing point of view. I'm quite a leftist myself but the O'Reillys of the world, right wing or left wing, are all kooks.

It's great how I've been modded to oblivion as a troll, but someone who agrees with what I wrote, only not saying it so sarcastically has been modded up.

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ah, the joy of never using emoticons

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