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Journal GMontag's Journal: Mr. Franklin Foer, PLEASE turn in your War Criminals!

Mr. Foer, you assert that you have witnesses to war crimes and UCMJ violations, to include statements from one of your writers, so why aren't you turning them in?

I have no idea of your military background, as far as I know you could have been a JAG in the IG shop, but you sure don't write that way. I was just a poor Line Officer (after being a Line Enlisted Soldier) . If you were you might see the value of the information to the Army for an investigation for war crimes, vs. your investigation to sell 30,000 copies of a magazine that your subscribers don't read anyway.

Believe it or not, you can not prosicute the criminals that you have in your clutches, but the US Army can.

So, Mr. Foer, please, pretty please, give up your documentation to the Army? If they fail to prosecute to your satisfaction then you will have a real blockbuster!

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Mr. Franklin Foer, PLEASE turn in your War Criminals!

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