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Journal christian.einfeldt's Journal: Page 12 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 12 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court. 1416.Wathsala Vithanage - I'm using Linux since I was 19. I used it for my studies and now I develop Free Software. The university where I'm employed, pays me for doing this. My whole career is based on FOSS. I live and pay my bills because of FOSS. I write system level code in C/C++/ASM for Linux and BSD systems I know nothing about .Net (And you Microsoft don't ask me why I did not learn .Net, you have no right to ask it and no you can't force me to learn .Net). If you want to sue FOSS then SUE me first, because it is better than ruining my career. Microsoft is ruining career of people like me arround the world by ruining FOSS. This is anti social and unethical. Microsoft stay within your limits and let some unbiased firm analys your code base so world can come to know how many patents you violate.
1417.Aliham Muhamad - Brunei Darussalam - Before I have a dual-boot PC with Kubuntu, I use Windows with lots of FOSS and ever since I used Kubuntu, I feel that GNU/Linux is a very worth OS on the market and feel the freedom. In the near future I'm definitely gonna build a PC with only GNU/Linux OS but for now dual boot for me (how I wish that PC Games don't just rely on one or two OS to play)
1418.Dan Millman - Got a dual-boot laptop with Win XP and Kubuntu. My employer has also supplied me with a Fedora Core workstation.
1419.Gaurav Misra - I am using Ubuntu Feisty for my desktop, Ubuntu Dapper for server and once in a while when I have to deal with those Microsoft only shops I have to heavy-heartedly use WinXP in VirtualBox. So sue me!
1420. Rick Sheridan - I use Mac OS X and Slackware Linux- I fix Windows or convert its victims.
1421. U Das, India - I have been on one Linux desktop or the other for the past dozen years or so. I have used it for everything from waking me up with music in time for my college lectures (PostGres + mpg321 + vixie cron), email (mutt, even today), IM (GAIM), browsing (Firefox), retro gaming (xmame), word processing (OOffice) ... . I have used RH, SLES, Fedora, & Ubuntu fairly up close. I develop on RHEL & SLES as part of my profession. The one time I had to run M$ Windoze, I put it in VMWare Workstation running on a Linux host, and put cygwin on it. I let M$ run their code only when I was running a command from my cygwin bash. Then get VMWare to suspend them. The files of importance resided on my Linux host, to be accessed by M$ via samba. That way, I did not reboot M$'s OS for over a month, and still did not have my box crawling. M$, I used open source software under your OS, over your OS, outside your OS. Everywhere! I find your OS so unusable that I didnt trust it to run native on the hardware. I found it so incapable of sustained performance that I didnt let it run for 1 sec more than what was absolutely demanded by my employer. I have converted several people away from your OS, and shall continue to help people live a free, happy life where they have a safe, configurable, performant OS not tied down to one big corporation. For all this, M$, sue me.
1422.Bojan Cvetkovic, Nis, Serbia - M$ must not be allowed to spread this FUD campaign. Sue me or leave me alone!
1423.Scott Nestor, Illinois, shirowarrior@gmail.com. I use Debian Lenny on two pc's, one for general usage, the other for ripping audio cd's and dvd movies for storage on my network attached storage machine, (which is running NASLite+,) for my use on my own version of Video-On-Demand in my house, protected by SmoothWall firewall/gateway all going through a 16-port 10/100 switch. The only machine that has WinBlows on it uses FireFox, Avast!, and OpenOffice running on it. And the only reason Winblows is even on there is Wine can't run our business software...yet. Don't like it Mr. Gates? Deal with it!!
1424.Steve Reilly, configure.make@yahoo.com, 6 computers, 2 opensuse, one ubuntu feisty, 2 debian servers, and one slackware. This is a microsoft free household. My employer uses SLES 9 to operate pos terminals in our chain of 95 retail stores. Please sue me.
1425.Steven M Furyk, PhD - I switched to Ubuntu Linux because your software blows.
1426.Jordan Bettis, Chicago IL -- I use Debian GNU/Linux on two PCs (one laptop) and a SPARC. I also make money doing LAMP programming.
1427.Samuli Seppänen, Turku, Finland. Long time (9 years) Linux user. Currently working at a small OSS company. At home all (5) computers (2 laptops, server, desktop and a dvb-pvr) run on Linux (Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu). I manage or help manage 5 other Linux systems (mostly Ubuntu) for my friends and relatives.
1428. Buddhika Siddhisena (Sri Lanka) - I use Gentoo, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora on my notebook, home pc and servers. I promote FOSS in Sri Lanka and have convinced many to migrate away from Windoze or rely less on it. Sue me! Sue me! Sue me! (you can find me at [http://budlite.blogspot.com my blog]
1429. Sudheera R. Fernando (Sri Lanka) - Switched to using a real OS (GNU[http://gnu.org/]/Linux[http://kernel.org/]) in Feb. 2005, since then I have been using Gentoo[http://www.gentoo.org/], Fedora[http://fedoraproject.org/] and Ubuntu[http://www.ubuntu.com/] for my all my OS needs.. :-), and NOT going to STOP using GNU/Linux ever!!!, Therefore at this moment I would like to flip the bird (with both hands) in honor of all the d1ck scukers @ M$ who come up with these half-assed schemes to retain their fading market share. So go ahead, Sue me! (and u can contact me via email : dev.null {at} xconsole {dot} org)
1430. Shrikant Odugoudar, India - I use Fedora and Debian, been using Linux for years now, find it completely apt for my needs, wouldn't touch Windows even with a 100 meter pole, so sue me?! yeah keep reading :)
1431.Jorge Pinto aka Casainho, Portugal [http://www.Casainho.net www.Casainho.net] - Using Linux Ubuntu and not recommending M$Windows to anyone :-)
1432.René Østensen Oslo Norway. I have been using all kinds of Open Source stuff forever!! running Gentoo 1433.Aliham Muhamad - Brunei Darussalam - Before I have a dual-boot PC with Kubuntu, I use Windows with lots of FOSS and ever since I used Kubuntu, I feel that GNU/Linux is a very worth OS on the market and feel the freedom. In the near future I'm definitely gonna build a PC with only GNU/Linux OS but for now dual boot for me (how I wish that PC
1434.Pete G. Pearland, TX Thank God there is something out here besides your broken worse than awfull OS Bill. If MicroSnot ever makes something that doesn't suck it will be a Vacuum Cleaner. Used CPM, it was good, Used HPUX, it's great, Used M$, many versions, all suck. Used WFW311 with M$ DOS version 5, 6, 6.2, 6.22 it sucked. Ran WFW-311 on CPM 86... oh excuse me DRDOS version 7. Worked infinately better than DOS any version with WFW-311. We have four servers, a firewall/router and several desktops here. No MicroSnot allowed. Can't afford the BS that comes with it.
1435.Edward Jones, New Delhi, India: I am a GNU/Linux user since more than 7 years. Currently using Gentoo 2007.0 and Kubuntu 7.04. Its high time for Microsoft to either show the code and sue all of us or STFU!
1436.Linda Nilsson (Sweden) I recently discovered the benefits of using GNU/Linux and is slowly moving towards it thanks to no 101 in this list.
1437.Christer Corneliusson (Sweden) - I'm using Ubuntu at home and Red Hat at school (somtimes i use Solaris too). The reason that i use GNU/Linux is that it is a more convenient system. A more important reason to use GNU/Linux is that is a free software, you can check (and change if needed) so the program does what you think that they are doing.
1438.Marc Gale (St Helens, UK): I'm using Ubuntu Dapper and Edgy at home for pretty much everything. The only things I really use Windows for is one or two toys and games on the laptop, and most of that is being taken over by my Nintendo DS these days. IPtables is better than any Windows firewall/router I've seen so far, and my Ruby scripts have all transferred from the Windows environment quite nicely. X and KDE makes things so easy anybody could use it, and I've found that processors run cooler (and therefore, are less stressed) under Linux. Samba allows me to transfer files between the Linux desktop and the Windows laptop as easily as dragging and dropping. I didn't have to pay £200 for the privilege of keeping up with the latest Microsoft upgrade-and-obsolete cycle. My bluetooth dongle requires no extra software - it just plugs in and works. Devices like that and flash drives generally get recognised and initialised faster than under Windows. No wonder you're running scared, Microsoft. Please, attempt to sue me. I can't wait.

...Oh, I also use sudo and kdesu a lot.
1439.Antonio Medina (Spain and Uk) -I am using Ubuntu at home and at the office, I am active GNU/Linux activist since 2000, once I discovered Linux y left Windows behind and I am NEVER GOING BACK! I have seen the Linux community grow at amazing rates and I think its unstoppable. Microsoft if you try to sue Linux you will have to sue every country in this planet. Why? Because I dont know of any government that does not use Linux in some form or another. Also you can sue little me, for every attack you get a double counter-reaction.
1440.Frits Beumer (Netherlands) I am using using Ubuntu and Mandriva Linux at home since 2004. I love using Linux because it feels more like MY operating system than this pre-cooked "we'll tell you what you want and need" operating system Win****. You 're fighting a ghost you can't touch Microsoft! So bring it on Hot shot!
1441.Eric Sears (Gilbert, Arizona) I use FC7. Been running several flavors of FREE Linux OS's for years. Opensource your OS and do yourself the favor. One thing still comes to mind when I hear the words M$. Windows CE, Windows ME, Windows NT...yup CEMENT. So sue me....I will keep taking away your customers 1 by 1. The more money I can take away from you, the better off the world will be....nuff said!
1442.Eustáquio Rangel (São José do Rio Preto, SP, Brazil). I use GNU/Linux for everything I need about computers. So sue me if you have the guts to start a patent war. We'll see what cards you and the other players have.
1443.Michael S. Williamson - Corpus Christi, TX - michael (at) aggiegeeks (dot) com - I've run some Linux flavor on several machines for the better part of 10 years now, and currently not only use it at work, but at home for nearly 100% of anything I use my PC for. I say 'nearly' because I've dabbled with FreeBSD a bit. The whole idea of patenting something based on outcomes and not specific methods is stupid. It is simply too easy to patent a wide, far-reaching concept that can be achived through many different ways, while somehow claiming ownership of every potential method that could be used to achive this same outcome. This is why software patents are stupid to begin with.
1444.Franzvitor Fiorim (Espírito Santo, Brazil). I Use Debian GNU/LINUX for 4 year, somtimes i use Debian GNU HURD.
1445.Brian White (Eugene, Oregon; United States) Enjoy the high cost of petty litigation: the high price of certified class counter suits and the resulting discovery. Perhaps you can consider this as market correction for the divestment that should have been ordered in 98.
1446.Paolo Tisato (Vicenza, ITALIA) - Sono passato da Windows a Linux perchè free, perchè dispone di un'ampissima comunità a cui chiedere supporto, perchè ero stufo di reinstallare windows ogni 2 mesi e soprattutto perchè mi ero stufato delle classiche schermate blu ogni volta che installavo qualche nuovo programma. Ora utilizzo Ubuntu Feisty e devo dire di esserne pienamente soddisfatto: ho un s.o. che mi rispecchia a pieno e dispongo di tantissimi programmi che soddisfano a pieno le mie esigenze, e anche se ogni tanto mi causa dei grattacapi, non tornerei mai a Windows. Lo consiglio a tutti!
1447.Daniele Grasso - Catania,Italy;Ubuntu "easier then M$ window$" FeistyFawn user
1448.Giovanni Figliozzi - Fondi, Italy - using ubuntu 7.04 feisty fawn on linux ... ah, i installed this OS also on 5-6 computers
1449.Babula Christian - Ivrea, Italy - using PC-BSD as desktop and ubuntu feisty as network server. I passed to open source oses 4 months ago because windows just couldn't make it. I have to say that I left M$ environments for ever.
1450.Luca Vinci (15 years old) - I've a PC with kubuntu 7.04, mandriva 2007 and fedora 7 installed.
1451.Angelo Farina- Minturno Italy using slakware` 1452.Alex Goodwin - San Diego, CA. I've used Red Hat, SUSE (Before Novell took over), Debian, Ubuntu, Mandrake, Gentoo, and probably quite a few more over the past 8 or 9 years.
1453.Renan "Renan_S2" Birck - Canoas, Brazil. - renan.dream at Google's mail service Linux since 2005. Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, SuSE, Conectiva (now Mandriva), Red Hat, Fedora, Arch, Knoppix. FreeBSD, Solaris on x86, might buy a Mac as well. No Windows since July 2006. No plans to go back to your "products". Using Linux for everything I can do with a PC, from office productivity to games. Also I always install, whenever I can, Open Source products on Windows. Probably have broken a lot of patents, so I am a pirate and thus I am a thief. Sue me. I dare you to. I know you want to. Talking big is easy, but doing it is hard.
1454.Kyle Rhash (kyrhash at yahoo) I personally use Ubuntu Linux for all of my needs. I converted to Linux only a few weeks ago. Already I can see that it is much more stable and beryl owns Areo. i have no need to convert back and will be encouraging others to save their money and never buy a M$ product again. If i am forced to use Windows, I will carry a USB flash stick around with OO and firefox. MSN really needs to get with the program.
1455.Angela Piñeros- (Bogota, Colombia)- I am a member of a group named binaryfreedom and we fight for digital rights. I don't agree with patents and never will. As OS I use 3 different ones, gentoo, gnewsense and kubuntu for laptop soon I will try Debian, but will never will go back to "the middle age of M$".
1456.Vincenzo Di Biaggio - San Salvo - Abruzzo - Italy
1457.Davi de Freitas - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil(16 years old) - I use Ubuntu 7.04(Feisty Fawn) and i will never use Microsoft softwares anymore. Microsoft's sotwares are not worthy to buy and i hope Microsoft crashes... 1458. Patrick Berry, Linux User #65,411, since 1997, I have been converting thousands of businesses, schools, charities, and users, to FOSS. Microsoft is a small pathetic multiple convicted felon pirate, whereas I am a voting retired disabled veteran, and I welcome the opportunity to expose more of Microsoft's greedy insanity! I am Patrick Berry, TSgt., USAF (Retired) technician, and I run ALL the FOSS at http://livecdlist.com http://distrowatch http://linux.org http://yolinux.com I am curious, do you also intend to sue your VP Hilf, who runs 200 Linux machines, in a lab, and Akamai, who run all your websites behind their 15,000 Linux servers? Don't worry, I will name them in my countersuit. Microsoft is the DOOMED multiple convicted felon pirate!
1459.Steven Dilworth (Barberton, OH USA) I use Ubuntu 7.04. Microsoft's business practices put them beyond contempt in my book. Open Source for Freedom!
1460.Eugéne Suter (Évora, Portugal) - For about a year and a half now I've been running FOSS on all my boxes, and couldn't be happier. VectorLinux, Slackware, Fedora and Debian is what I run, so what am I guilty of: freedom of choice! Up yours Microsoft, and shame on you. This is what the world thinks of you - http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20070611082734557 - disgusting...
1461.Dennis Wronka (Hong Kong) - I use Linux from Scratch (PC) and Fedora 7 (Notebook) at home and Debian 3.1 at work. I have my own project EasyLFS and actively promote the usage of Linux by spreading the word and CDs. Also I sudo frequently. Why don't you sue me for spreading patent-violating source-code and for suggesting to give up using your software?
1462.Bob Wylde (UK) The UK never has nor ever will be a state of the USA. I currently use Ubuntu (which I changed to recently) as soon as I saw the garbage you call Vista being released. I have NEVER paid for any of your products, even though I have a copy of every one of them, since I discovered that there are better, safer and freer alternatives out on the net. So Microsoft: COME AND HAVE A GO IF YOU THINK YOU'RE HARD ENOUGH!
1463.Amadeus Wittwer (Bern, Switzerland) - I use Kubuntu Linux 7.04 and OpenSlug at home... and I like it!
1464.Claude Fankhauser (Berne, Switzerland) - Using various flavours of Linux (mainly Debian, Gentoo, [K]Ubuntu amongst others) at home, at the office and at various customers places. I also frequently access the NTFS and FAT32 partitions of my office desktop under Linux - hahaaaa!! But now get ready for the real thrill: I PLAY MINESWEEPER AND SPIDER SOLITAIRE UNDER WINE, JUST TO CRACK YOU MICROSOFT DUDES UP, MUHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHHAHAAAA!!!
1465.Tim Lyons (Boston, MA USA): I have been a vocal proponent both in public and corporate settings for the eradication of the M$ platform in our environments and have been happliy using BSD & Linux for longer than I care to remember today. I am working on deploying a proof of concept that will eradicate Windows desktops from our environment and move to thin-client Linux workstations which will free us from the massive licensing costs that surround the M$ environments. We're also moving to a Linux based datacenter, so Micro$oft, your days are numbered; just roll over and die peaceful-like, you cant fight the inevitability of your fate.
1466.Michel Pauli in cameroon: i make projets in africa and i use edubuntu, because the LTSP is all ready integrate in this distribution. It is here dificult to introduce open source, because microsoft is omni-present here and very few people know about open source. now have just build a Linux Users Group in Bamenda, a town north west province from cameroon.
1467.Nico Bauer (Hannover, Germany) - Using Ubuntu, OpenOffice.org and a lot more... >>> www.oshelpdesk.org 1468.Beat Schiess (Basel, Suisse) - Using Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 1469.Marcos Jordão (Catanduva, SP, Brasil) - I used Conectiva, Kurumin, SuSE, Debian and now with Ubuntu. Oh Bill, sue me first!
1470.Dr.Balakrishnan Nair(India)- Very recently started using Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn. Been using Abiword and OpenOffice on Windows XP earlier. They're just as good(if not better) than anything MS makes. It's perfectly understandable why MS is worried about OSS. And if you ever try Vista (any flavor), you might just feel sorry for the poor chaps at MS. OSS is taking the bread right out of their mouths by GIVING AWAY for FREE usable LINUX distros(as opposed to the earlier 'geeky' versions); that reduces the number of suckers willing to pay for MS' overpriced bug-ridden system-resource hogging Vista. Can't people see how pretty Vista is? It's almost as secure as Linux distros, right? And to top it all off, when they say they'll sue Linux vendors if they don't sign agreements to not sue over patents, you people just laugh at them and say "Sue Me First"!!! And MS can't actually sue 'cause of the negative publicity(and maybe 'cause they don't really have a case which would stand up to scrutiny in court)... there ain't no justice! My sympathies to you MS corp. Sue me first, I promise I won't be too rude when I tell you where to put your patent.
1471.Alex (USA)- I've been using Ubuntu Feisty Fawn for a couple of months. I love it and it beats M$ Windoze in every aspect. I play Minesweeper like the guy above me HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!Billy-boy sue me first I'M A 12 YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1473.Dennis Schwarze (Hannover, Germany) - Using Ubuntu, OpenOffice.org, Pidgin, xmms, GXINE and many more... >>> www.oshelpdesk.org 1474.Martin Sander (Lüdenscheid, Germany) - ms@friedensgruppe-luedenscheid.de - Im using ubuntu since version 5.04 yet on a dual boot system, also using OpenOffice on Windows and some other free software. Its better you dont pay to use Free Software, then you pay, to be a betatester for M$
1475.Siegfried-A. Gevatter (Barcelona, Catalona) - I'm using Ubuntu with Apache (and Debian on a virtual machine), OpenOffice.org, I used Audacity several months, and I've given Ubuntu CDs and also installed OpenOffice.org to many friends.
1476.Nick Norton (Harrogate, England) - Five years ago Microsoft. YOU sued a company (PlanIT-Systems) that I was employed by. Consequently the company closed an I lost my job. And the reason for this? We sold Microsoft Windows 98 and Office 2000 to clients. We purchased them from a retailer at a low price and then you screwed us! Because the retailer was selling counterfeit goods. My MD could not afford to tackle you Microsoft. But I will not forget this for as long as I live.
1477.Aiden Boal- England - wampireboal@hotmail.co.uk - Am using linux mint as I got really sick of Vista. Microsoft your OS's suck and are rip-off's of Linux and you know that, leave Linux alone and let Linux take a fair share of the market, you can afford it for god's sake......
1478.Rafael Portela de Oliveira (Espírito Santo, Brazil) - Im using Debian Etch at home and college cause my brain still does not have enough of 12GB of sickness to run a single poor OS! Im so sad about your visionary business, MS. So, sue me first if you can!!
1479.mark penney - newfoundland canada - MICROSOFT IS LIKE a giant, slow transport truck on the highway of innovation, and everyone sees the truck first and thinks its the best cause it big, but all the smaller less known but faster(more innovative) little sports cars, that require smaller engines (hardware) cant get past the fat truck to show the world how great they are!!!i use opensuse ^_^ oh yeah and sue me if you want:) but i'll still stab you (lol, cool that kids 12, im 15 :) )
1480.A. Mani - I am using Slackware-11.0, Kubuntu-7.04, Fedora Core-6.0, BSD Unix and more ... and none of the dreaded MS-Windows Oses.
1481.Will Daniels (UK & Greece) - daniels.will@gmail.com - I am using Kubuntu Fiesty on a desktop, Ubuntu Fiesty on a laptop and Ubuntu Dapper on a web server. 100% MS-free for 10 months now and happier for it!
1482.Steven Splint (Ontario Canada) - Steve_Splint@hotmail.com - I run 2 web servers, one out of my own home and one is a VPS in Dallas, both of them use red hat based linux distributions (CentOS 4.5 and 5 to be specific). I dual boot my personal computer with windows XP and the latest release of fedora. Trying to switch over to linux as my only Operating System but gaming in wine and cedega is just not quite the same.
1483.Theo Schmidt (Steffisburg, Switzerland) - I am currently using Kubuntu 6.06 on two machines (4 more thin clients run from this via LTSP), SuSE 6.4 on an ancient laptop, Puppy 2.16 on two Mini-Boards, Multibuntu 7.04 on two laptops, and a host of Live-CDs, mainly Knoppix 5.0, 5.2 and SAM Linux on various machines. Also a Linux embedded system in our KISS DVD player. My wife uses Debian Sarge. We also own a couple of Win98SE, XP (home and pro) licences and several older MacOS systems.
1484.Matthew Brothers (WV, US) - I run 5 Gentoo GNU/Linux servers and a slew of Gentoo Desktops. I have been using GNU/Linux of various flavors for 12 years and I have never looked back to the wasteland that is proprietary software with its Microsoft overlord. Please [http://www.fsf.org/register_form?referrer=5175 join the FSF] if you want to help put an end to this insanity.
1485.João Luiz Costa Lima (Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais - Brasil) - Eu uso GNU/linux fazem 10 anos e utilizo linux em casa e na clínica de minha esposa, no total são 4 máquinas rodando GNU/linux. SUE ME FIRST, M$.
1486.Mircea Grigore(Aachen - Germany - Computer Security Adviser and Student of science(physics)). I currently using Slackware, Mandriva, Ubuntu, Windows Xp, Windows Server 2003 and all kind of free Software(openSource). I must say all free Software on the market is better than the Microsoft crap. I have never been in trouble with free Software, but when I use Microsoft immediately I get into it. In my opinion every Software and Code on this planet should be free and available for everyone. Especially when you have paid for it like for Microsoft shit. I advise my customers to use or to change on Linux/Ubuntu. I am happy to see that so much people use LINUX and free SOFTWARE. KEEP AT IT.
1487.Paul Price, Akron Ohio- Long time Windows user--Switched to Ubuntu 6.06,7.04--never looked back. Copyright infringment? Bill, seriously, as many man hours as I have wasted on your OS you should give me a free copy (not Vista though please! It really sucks too bad) Sue me.
1488.Crispin Stichart, Colville Washington, USA -- I've been using Ubuntu Edgy for a few months now, and it kicks Windows ass down the stairs. :-) I use FireFox, Gimp, Abiword, Bluefish, and Gaim on a regular basis. I wonder if they violate any of those supposed patents, eh? Oh, and Steve Ballmer, if you're reading this -- feel free to look my address up in the phone book so you can sue me personally. ^_^
1489.Tim Orbaker, Columbus, OH - Fedora, CentOS, and GenToo. Firefox, Thunderbird, NVU, Gnu Compilers and Debuggers. And while you're suing me, let's talk about that "refund of your money" nonsense in your licenses that I had to pay for to get a computer a few years ago. I'm still waiting on my refund.
1490.Michael David , India -- I have been using "illegal" Linux for over 7 years now. Red Hat, Centos, Debian, Rock, Slackware, Gentoo to name only a few - I have used dozens of distributions in these 7+ years. Right now, I am typing this from an Arch Linux PC at home. Even my router (DLink GLB-502T) runs Linux. Our company servers also run Red Hat Linux. I have converted many people over to Linux - basically PCLinuxOS and they are happy now and free from Microsoft Slavery. Billy your Microsoft is dying baby.
1491.Frank de Lange, Lödöse, Sweden -- I'm not just using GNU/etc/Linux for my own purposes... I'm actively helping other people to commit the same 'crime'... sometimes I'm even paid for this activity... I believe the legal term for this is 'aiding and abetting'? Chalk me up for a double portion!
1492.Vladimir Zlatanov, United Kingdom -- Yes, sue me please. I've been using (illegal?) patented software for the past 10(ish) years. Mainly GNU/Linux in its Debian variety, which I regularly update over the internet. I've been subverting people to use such software. I've written software which intentionally ignores your licensed wares.
1493. Shawnee Cook - Redwood City, CA, USA -- Ladies first. If you must, go ahead and sue me, Microsoft. Really. I would actually insist that you sue me first. I'm writing this here today because I would like to make the rationalization that it's utterly asinine to sue some person or some organization for making a choice to not purchase or use a company's product. Free markets like to provide alternatives whenever possible. I choose to not use Microsoft products whenever possible because (this is going to be harsh) I find Microsoft products to be boring and totalitarian, and I find its users to be brainwashed. So sad!

I know the code on my machines inside and out. So which variety of Linux am I using? Um, not Novell. Have a nice day. :) http://www.zentu.net/
1494.Timothy L Liddy - Mesa AZ I used MS products from MS-DOS - Windows XP Pro, and I finally got very tired of your products and your companies way of doing business. Sue Me First, I would be expected right along with the way you company has gone downhill.
1495.Edmund Huggett - Perthshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. I Do not own, or use, a single copy of windows. I am using debian on my main computer, my server, my works server, my sisters computer, my parents computer, my parents laptop and have installed it over many copies of windows on friends computers. I also run Linux on my router (Linksys WRT54G), My Ipod and 5 xbox's and a few other nodes in the Beowulf cluster that I'm building. I use OpenOffice etc and can read all of your shi**y closed file formats (Including wma & wmv). I rant on about Linux whenever i can, and have converted many people. I also do everything i can to help users new to linux on forums, in person, over the phone etc. I really do try to be your worst nightmare :D
1496.Michiel Pillet - Landen, Belgium. I am using Mandriva on my computer. No need for an illegal copy of Windows! So sue me first!
1497.KIrk Eby - Toronto, Canada. I am using SuSE on my main system in house and CentOS on my in home media server, please sue me first, please.
1498.Christos Despotakis - Heraklion, Greece. I'm using Ubuntu to use all the innovations of MS free of charge... I'm a bad boy so MS you can sue me first!
1499.Juan González - Reno, NV - I began use of Linux in 1997 at the age of 26. I currently Gentoo linux for my servers and Ubuntu Linux for the desktop. I've downloaded a lot of 'patented', 'non-ubuntu-supported' software to play media such as wmv. Are you going to sue me first now?
1500.Mauricio Roman - Republic of Colombia. I run Ubuntu GNU/Linux 7.04 on my PC for work, study, entertainment, and communication with my family and friends. I use Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 to serve websites. I also use Knoppix GNU/Linux 5.0.1, mainly to rescue Windows systems from themselves, always taking the opportunity to encourage the unfortunate users of said Windows systems to switch to a proper operating system, such as Ubuntu or one of the several GNU/Linux distributions available, except for anything from Novell, Xandros, or Linspire. Please do sue me first MSFT, I can be reached at mauriceroman(AT)gmail(DOT COM)
1501.Here I come again, and this time I've boycotted windows-XP(SP2) from my office PC and using ubuntu7.04 instead of windows. (removed XP from homePC 3yrs back.) This saves 1 license for my employer and some MS enthu can use it. And this is a company where employees should use windows as per standard operating environment. So M$, find the company(*hint: Very close to you in IT ranks), then find me and sue me! --dinhcaraeht{"Human Knowledge Belongs to the World"}
1502.Bob Brown Mittagong New South Wales Australia,ahkaybe@bigpond.net.au. I have only been using linux for a very short time (ubuntu 7.04) and already I can see a time in the very very near future, where my xp dual boot will be history and I will become a straight Linux user. Come on M$ TAKE AWAY MY RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF CHOICE :>(

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